The kids in our community have taken the initiative to request that the Farnam City Council allow them to start up the YCIP again. Their request was granted. They have started repairs and improvements at the Farnam Community Park. The kids ask that aluminum cans be put in the metal tank, on the corner, on south Main Street. The recycling money goes into the YCIP fund.

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I am the director/librarian at the Farnam Public Library.
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  1. Nancy Westphal says:

    Joyce what you are doing w/the kids is Marvelous!! This w/rewards on reading is an excellent idea for it will get more to want to read. I love the way you are involved w/all ages & letting the teenagers get a chance w/responsibility in this community for you’ll get a positive result out of it. Keep up the Great work! Thanks, Nancy Westphal

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