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Summer is nearing it’s end! School starts for Twin River in LESS THAN A WEEK! (School for me starts on two days earlier than that!) 

With school starting comes after-school STORY TIME! That means lots of planning for these story times, and any craft ideas are always welcome! We are also planning on having special guest speakers to read to the kids this year! If you are interested in reading to the kids, helping with the crafts, or being a part of an after-school story time in any way, let us know and we would be happy to have you here!


Keep an eye out for my blogs! They will include some VERY silly and interesting answers to some questions I ask the kids during story time! I will also be sharing some special moments that I have during the time the kids are at the library!!

One of my favorite moments: I was reading I Packed My Grandmother’s Trunk (I think that’s the name, it may be unpacked, not packed), where the child packs silly things in his grandmother’s trunk in alphabetical order. The kids had a lot of fun guessing what would be packed next and trying to remember what all of the items were in alphabetical order! It was a very fun book and I highly recommend it! It can also be played as an alphabet game during a long car ride!

I also plan on sharing fun craft ideas, game ideas, and must-reads!

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