Hayes Center Public Library

More than the Center of Hayes

Large Print

Written By: Deb Lawson


ALDRICH, BESS STREETER                        –  Mother Mason


ALEXANDER, TAMERA                   –  The Inheritance;


ALLEN, SARAH ADDISON               –  The Sugar Queen


ALLENDE, ISABEL                                    –  Portrait of Sepia


ANDERSON, CATHERINE              –  Summer Breeze; Sunkissed; Cry Of The Wild; Switchback; Early Dawn; Here To Stay; Lucky Penny; Perfect Timing;


ARCHER, JEFFREY                        –  A Prisoner Of Birth


ARNOLD, ELIZABETH JOY             –  When We Were Friends


AUSTIN, LYNN                            –  Until We Reach Home


BAKER, ELLEN                             –  Keeping The House


BAKER, JEANETTE                        –  The Lavender Field


BALDACCI, DAVID                        –  Hour Game; Divine Justice; The Collectors; True Blue; One Summer; The Innocent; Zero Day;


BALDWIN, FAITH                         –  Make Believe, The Moon’s Our Home


BALL, DONNA                              –  Keys To The Castle


BARCLAY, ROBERT                       –  If Wishes Were Horses


BARNETT, JILL                            –  The Days Of Summer


BARR, NEVADA                            –  Hard Truth; Borderline


BATTLE, LOIS                             –  Bed & Breakfast


BECK, GLENN                              –  The Christmas Sweater; The Overton Window


BEDFORD, DEBORAH                    –  A Rose By The Door


BERG, ELIZABETH                        –  Home Safe


BERGER, EILEEN M.                     –  Church Choir Mysteries


BINCHY, MAEVE                          –  A Week In Winter


BLACK, CAPT DALE                       –  Flight To Heaven


BLACKSTOCK, TERRI                    –  Emerald Windows; Last Light; Night Light; True Light; Dawn’s Light  Restoration Series #1-4;   Breaker’s Reef Cape Refuge Series #4;


BLOCK, LAWRENCE                      –  All The Flowers Are Dying


BOSTWICK, MARIE                      –  A Thread So Thin


BOWEN, RHYS                            –  A Royal Pain


BRADFORD, BARBARA TAYLOR       –  A Woman Of Substance; Unexpected Blessings; Just Rewards;  Ravenscar Dynasty; The Heir; Being Elizabeth; Breaking The Rules; Playing The Game


BRAND, IRENE                            –  A Husband For All Seasons; Love Finds You In Valentine, NE;


BRENDAN, MAGGIE                      –  No Place For A Lady; The Jewel Of His Heart


BRETTON, BARBARA                     –  Shore Lights; Just Desserts


BREWER, SONNY                         –  Cormac


BRICKER, SANDRA                       –  Love Finds You In Holiday, FL; Love Finds You In Snowball, AR;


BROOKS, TERRY                          –  Genesis Of Shannara  The Gypsy Morph


BROWN, SANDRA                         –  Best Kept Secrets; Rainwater; Tough Customer;


BROWNLEY, MARGARET                –  A Lady Like Sarah; A Suitor For Jenny; Brides of Last Chance Ranch:  Dawn Comes Early #1; Waiting For Morning #2;


BRUNSTETTER, WANDA                –  A Sister’s Test #2; A Sister’s Hope #3 (Sisters of Holmes Co.); White Christmas Pie; A Cousin’s Promise; A Cousin’s  Prayer; A Cousin’s Challenge (Indiana Cousins #1-3);


BURCHARD, BRENDON                  –  Life’s Golden Ticket


CABOT, AMANDA                         –  Paper Roses


CANE, EMMA                               –  Valentine Valley:  A Town Called Valentine #1; True Love at Silver Creek Ranch #2;


CARR, ROBYN                              –  Virgin River Series:  Temptation Ridge #1; Forbidden Falls #2, Angel’s Peak #3; Moonlight Road #4; Promise Canyon #5; A Summer In Sonoma; Wild Man Creek #6; Harvest Moon #7; Bring Me Home For Christmas #8; Hidden Summit #9; Redwood Bend #10; Sunrise Point #11; My Kind Of Christmas #12; Thunder Point Novels:  The Wanderer


CHIAVERINI, JENNIFER                –  The Quilter’s Homecoming; The Winding Ways Quilt; The Lost Quilter; The Aloha Quilt


CHRISTIE, AGATHA                      –  A Caribbean Mystery; Mr. Parker; Pine Detective


CLARK, CAROL HIGGINS               –  Wrecked; Laced


CLARK, MARCIA                           – Guilt By Association


CLARK, MARY HIGGINS                 –  Before I Say Goodbye; We’ll Meet Again; On The St. Where You Live; Santa Cruise; I Heard  That Song Before;  Where Are You Now?; The Second Time Around; Just Take My Heart; The Shadow Of Your Smile; I’ll Walk Alone; The Lost Years; Daddy’s Gone A Hunting;


CLARK, MARY JANE                      –  It Only Takes A Moment; Dying For Mercy; To Have And To Kill; The Look Of Love; Footprints In The Sand;


CLARK, MINDY STARNS                 –  Shadows Of Lancaster County; Women of Lancaster County: The Amish Midwife #1; The Amish Nanny #2;


CLAY, HEATHER                           –  Losing Charlotte


CLEMENT, BLAIZE                        –  Cat Sitter On A Hot Tin Roof


COBLE, COLLEEN                         –  Without A Trace #1; Beyond A Doubt #2; Lonestar Sanctuary; Lonestar Secrets; Lonestar Homecoming; Lonestar Angel; Black Sands Aloha Reef #2; Dangerous Depths Aloha Reef #3; Midnight Sea Aloha Reef #4; The Light-keeper’s Daughter Mercy Falls #1; The Lightkeeper’s Bride Mercy Falls #2; The Lightkeeper’s Ball Mercy Falls #3; Smitten 4 in 1; Blue Moon Promise Under TX Stars #1; Tidewater Inn Hope Beach #1


COLLINS, BRANDILYN                  –  Deceit


CONNELLY, MICHAEL                   –  The Narrows;


COOK, ROBIN                             –  Seizure; Critical


COOKSON, CATHERINE                –  Love & Mary Ann; Marriage & Mary Ann; Mary Ann & Bill; My Beloved Son


COPELAND, LORI                         – Men Of The Saddle Series #1-4; Dakota Diaries:  Love Blooms In Winter #1;


CORDAIRE, CHRISTINA                 –  Married In Black


CORNWELL, PATRICIA                  –  Predator; Scarpetta


COTE, LYN                                 –  TX Star Of Destiny: The Desires Of Her Heart #1; Her Inheritance Forever #2; Her Abundant Joy #3


COULTER, CATHERINE                  –  Blow Out; Point Blank


COX, CAROL                               –  Sagebrush Brides (Journey Toward Home)


CRANDALL, SUSAN                       –  On Blue Falls Pond; A Kiss In Winter; Pitch Black


CRIGHTON, MICHAEL                   –  Timeline


CROSS, TRACEY                          –  Love Finds You In Deadwood, SD


DALEY, MARGARET                       –  Men of the TX Rangers – Saving Hope; Shattered Silence;


DALLAS, SANDRA                         –  Whiter Than Snow; The Bride’s House; True Sisters


DAVIS, SUSAN PAGE                    –  LFY in Prince Edward Island, Canada


DEAVER, JEFFERY                        –  The Broken Window;  The Bodies Left Behind


DELINSKY, BARBARA                    –  Flirting With Pete; The Summer I Dared; The Vineyard; The Woman Next Door; Family Tree; While My Sister Sleeps; Coast Road; Not My Daughter; Escape;


DEVERAUX, JUDE                         –  Carolina Isle; Wild Orchids; Someone To Love; Edilean Series:  Lavender Morning; Days Of Gold; Scarlet Nights; The Scent Of Jasmine; Heartwishes; Moonlight Trilogy: Moonlight In The Morning #1; Moonlight Masquerade #2;


DICKENS, CHARLES                      –  A Tale Of Two Cities


DIXON, DIANNE                          –  The Language Of Secrets


DREYER, EILEEN                         –  Head Games


DUARTE, JUDY                            –  The House On Sugar Plum Lane;


EASON, LYNETTE                                    –  River Of Secrets


EDWARDS, KIM                           –  The Memory Keeper’s Daughter


ELLIS, MARY                               –  Miller Family Series: A Widow’s Hope #1 ; Never Far From Home #2; The Way To A Man’s Heart #3


EVANS, NICHOLAS                       –  The Divide; The Smoke Jumper; The Brave


EVANS, RICHARD PAUL                 –  Finding Noel; The Locket; The Sunflower; The Gift; Grace; The Christmas List; Promise Me; The Walk #1; Miles To Go #2; The Road To Grace #3; Lost December; A Winter Dream


FARRIER, NANCY J.                      –  Tucson Series  #1-3 (Sonoran Sunrise, Star & Sweetheart)


FERRELL, MIRALEE                       –  Love Finds You In Last Chance, CA; Love Finds You In Bridal Veil, OR; Love Finds You In Tombstone, AZ;


FISHER, MFK                               –  The Boss Dog


FLAGG, FANNIE                           –  I Still Dream About You


FLETCHER, JESSICA                     –  Murder, She Wrote – Panning For Murder


FLYNN, VINCE                             –  Pursuit Of Honor


FLUKE, JOANNE                           –  Carrot Cake Murder


FOLLETT, KEN                             –  A Place Called Freedom


FORSTER, E. M.                           –  Howard’s End


FORTIER, ANNE                           –  Juliet


FOWLER, EARLENE                      –  Love Mercy


FOWLER, TERRY                          –  Carolina Pride (NC #1); Look To The Heart (NC #2)


FOWLER, THERESE                      –  Souvenir


FRANCIS, DICK                            –  Comeback; For Kicks; Slay-Ride; Under Orders; Whip Hand; Even Money; Crossfire


FRANK, DOROTHEA BENTON         –  Shem Creek


FREEMAN, KIMBERLEY                  –  Wildflower Hill;


GABHART, ANN H.                        –  Angel Sister; The Blessed;


GARLOCK, DOROTHY                    –  Train From Marietta; On Tall Pine Lake; Leaving Whiskey Bend; The Moon Looked Down; Stay A Little Longer; Come A Little Closer; By Starlight


GEORGE, ELIZABETH                   –  I, Richard


GIBBONS, KAY                            –  A Cure For Dreams; Charms For An Easy Life


GILLESPIE, KARIN                       –  Dollar Daze


GIST, DEEANNE                          –  A Bride In The Bargain; Maid To Match; Beguiled


GOLDSTEIN, JAN                         –  All That Matters


GOODMAN, JO                            – A Place Called Home


GOYER, TRICIA                           –  Love Finds You In Lonesome Prairie, Montana


GRAFTON, SUE                            –  R Is For Ricochet; U Is For Undertow


GRAY, SHELLEY SHEPARD             –  Hidden; Wanted; Forgiven;  Heart Of A Hero:  A Texan’s Promise #1; A Texan’s Honor #2; A

Texan’s Choice #3


GRIFFIN, PAMELA                                    –  Love Finds You In Hope, KS;


GREENLAW, LINDA                      –  Slipknot


GRIFFIN, PAMELA                                    –  Love Finds You In Hope, KS;


GRIFFIN, W. E. B.                                    –  The Murderers


GRISHAM, JOHN                          –  The Brethern, The Broker, The Chamber, The Innocent Man; Painted House; Playing For Pizza;

The Appeal; The Associate; The Confession; The Litigators; Calico Joe; The Racketeer;


GROGAN, JOHN                           –  Marley & Me


GROSS, ANDREW                         –  The Blue Zone


GUDENKAUF, HEATHER                 –  One Breath Away


HAIGH, JENNIFER                             –  The Condition


HAKE, CATHY MARIE                    –  Letter Perfect; Bittersweet; Whirlwind; In His Will OK Weddings #1; Through His Grace Weddings #2


HANNA, JANICE                           –  Love Finds You In Poetry, TX; Love Finds You In Groom, TX;


HANNAH , KRISTIN                       –  Magic Hour; True Colors; Winter Garden; Night Road; Home Front;


HARPER, KAREN                          –  Dark Angel; Below The Surface; The Hiding Place; Deep Down; Down River; Home Valley Amish – Fall From Pride; Return To Grace; Finding Mercy


HARRIOT, JAMES                         –  Cat Stories


HATCHER, ROBIN LEE                  –  Speak To Me Of Love; When Love Blooms; Heart Of Gold;


HEAVEY, TARA                            –  Winter Bloom


HENDERSON, DEE                       –  O’Malley Series (Prequel – #6);  The Witness; Before I Wake


HENKE, ROXANNE                        –  The Secret Of Us


HENRY, SUE                               –  The End Of The Road


HIGGINS, JACK                           –  Cold Harbour; On Dangerous Ground; The Savage Day


HIGMAN, ANITA                          –  Love Finds You In Humble, TX


HILL, GRACE LIVINGSTON                        –  Kerry; Ladybird


HILL, MELISSA                            –  A Gift From Tiffany’s


HILLENBRAND, LAURA                  –  Unbroken


HINGSON, MICHAEL                     –  Thunder Dog


HOAG, TAMI                               –  The Last White Knight


HOFFMAN, ALICE                         –  The Probable Future


HUNT, ANGELA                            –  Doesn’t She Look Natural? (Fairlawn Series #1)


HUNTER, DENISE                                    –  His Brother’s Bride (KS #4);  A Cowboy’s Touch; The Accidental Bride;


JACOBS, KATE                             –  Comfort Food


JANCE, J. A.                                –  Trial By Fire (Ali); Queen Of The Night (Walker Fam); Fatal Error (Ali);  Left For Dead (Ali); Deadly Stakes (Ali);


JARVIS, CHERYL                          –  The Necklace


JENNINGS, REGINA                      –  Sixty Acres And A Bride;


JOHANSEN, IRIS                         –  Blind Alley; Quicksand; Stalemate; Pandora’s Daughter


JOURDAN, CAROLYN                    –  Heart In The Right Place


KARON, JAN                                –  Light From Heaven #9; In The Company Of Others;


KELLERMAN, FAYE                       –  The Burnt House


KELLERMAN, JONATHAN               –  A Cold Heart; Double Homicide; Rage; Self Defense; Obsession; Bones


KENEALLY, THOMAS                     –  Schindler’s List


KENNEDY, HOLLY                                    – The Penny Tree;  The Silver Compass


KESSLER, RONALD                       –  Laura Bush


KING, CASSANDRA                       –  Queen Of Broken Hearts


KINGSBURY, KAREN                     –  Even Now; Ever After; Sunrise; Summer; Someday; Sunset; This Side Of Heaven; The Bridge; The Chance;


KINKADE, THOMAS                      –  Home Song;  Angel Island Series: The Inn At Angel Island #1; The Wedding Promise #2; A Wandering Heart #3; The Way Home #4;


KIRKPATRICK, JANE                     –  # 1 A Clearing In The Wild; # 2 A Tendering In The Storm; # 3 A Mending At The Edge; A Flickering Light; The Daughter’s Walk;


KLASSEN, JULIE                          –  The Girl In The Gatehouse


KLEYPAS, LISA                            –  Christmas Eve At Friday Harbor; Friday Harbor Trilogy – Rainshadow Road #1; Dream Lake #2; Crystal Cove #3;


KOONTZ, DEAN                           –  By The Light Of The Moon; The Taking;  Your Heart Belongs To Me


KRENTZ, JANE                             –  Trust Me


KWOK, JEAN                               –  Girl In Translation


LAMB, CATHY                              –  Such A Pretty Face


LARIMORE, M.D.  WALT                –  Bryson City Tales; Bryson City Seasons; Bryson City Secrets


LETTS, BILLIE                             –  Made In The USA


LEWIS, BEVERLY                         –  Abram’s Daughters Series: The Covenant #1; The Betrayal #2; The Sacrifice #3; The Prodigal #4; The Revelation #5; Annie’s People Series: (#1 in reg print) The Englisher #2; The Brethren #3; Courtship of Nellie Fisher Series: The Parting #1; The Forbidden #2; The Longing #3; Seasons Of Grace Series:  The Secret #1; The Missing #2; The Telling #3; October Song; Postcard/Crossroad Series:  The Postcard & The Crossroad; The Rose Trilogy:  The Thorn #1; The Judgement #2; The Mercy #3;


LORING, EMILIE                          –  White Banners


LOUGH, LOREE                           –  Love Finds You In Paradise, PA; Love Finds You In North Pole, AL


LUCK, SARA                                –  Rimfire Bride


LUDLUM, ROBERT                        –   The Prometheus Deception


LUDWIG, ELIZABETH                   –  Love Finds You In Calico, CA


MACOMBER, DEBBIE                    – 16 Lighthouse Rd; 204 Rosewood Lane; 311 Pelican Court; 44 Cranberry Point; 50     Harbor St; 6 Rainier Drive; Christmas Letters; 74 Seaside Avenue; Twenty Wishes; 8 Sandpiper Way; Knit Together; A Cedar Cove Christmas; Susannah’s Garden; Summer On Blossom St; Almost Home (4 in 1); The Perfect Christmas; Back On Blossom St; A Good Yarn; 92 Pacific Boulevard; Hannah’s List; 1022 Evergreen Place; Call Me Mrs. Miracle; Family Affair; The Shop On Blossom St.; A Turn In The Road; 1105 Yakima Street; 1225 Christmas Tree Lane; The Knitting Diaries (3in1); The Inn At Rose Harbor; Angels At The Table;


MALLERY, SUSAN                         –   Sunset Bay; The Best Of Friends; Blackberry Island: Three Sisters;


MARCH, EMILY                            –  Eternity Springs: Angel’s Rest #1; Hummingbird Lake#2; Heartache Falls #3; Lover’s Leap #4; Nightingale Way #5; Reflection Point #6;


MARINELLO, LORELLE                  –  Salting Roses


MARTIN, CHARLES                       –   The Mountain Between Us


MCCOURT, FRANK                        –   Tis


MCGLYNN, STACEY                      –  Keeping Time


MCKINNON, K. C.                        –   Candles On Bay Street


MCMORRIS, KRISTINA                  –  Letters From Home


MCNEES, KELLY O’CONNOR           –  In Need Of A Good Wife;


MEDLICOTT, JOAN                       –   The Three Mrs. Parkers; A Covington Christmas; An Unexpected Family


MEISSNER, SUSAN                       –   Sticks & Stones


MEYER, JOYCE                            –   Any Minute


MICHAELS, FERN                         –  About Face; Family Blessings; Fool Me Once; Hey, Good Looking; Fast Track; Razor Sharp; Kentucky Rich, K. Heat, K. Sunrise (Kentucky Series 1 – 3); Return To Sender; Pretty Woman; Late Bloomer; No Place Like Home; Holiday Magic; Mr. & Miss Anonymous; Late Edition; Tuesday’s Child; The Blossom Sisters;


MILLER, JUDITH                          –  Daughters Of Amana – Somewhere To Belong #1; More Than Words #2; A Bond Never Broken #3


MILLER, LINDA LAEL                    –  # 1 McKettrick’s Luck; # 2 McKettrick’s Pride; # 3 McKettrick’s Heart; Deadly Deceptions; A Wanted Man; The Rustler; McKettrick Christmas; Montana Creeds: Logan, Dylan & Tyler (1-3); Bridegroom; A Creed Country Christmas; McKettricks of Texas: Tate, Garrett, Austin (1-3); A Lawman’s Christmas; A Creed In Stone Creek; Creed’s Honor; The Creed Legacy; An Outlaw’s Christmas; Parable, MT  Big Sky Country #1; Big Sky Mtn #2; Big Sky River #3;


MILLS, DIANN                             –  Cassidy’s Charm (TX #3) ; Compassion’s Charm (TX #4);


MITCHARD, JACQUELYN                – Second Nature;


MONTANARI, RICHARD                 –  The Rosary Girls; The Skin Gods


MORGAN, KATHLEEN                    –  A Heart Divided


MORRIS, GILBERT                       –  Jordan’s Star; Lone Star Legacy:  The Eyes Of TX #3; The Yellow Rose #2; A Man For Temperance; Joelle’s Secret;


MYRON, VICKI                            –  Dewey


NEGGERS, CARLA                         –  Breakwater; Cold River; Cold Dawn; Saint’s Gate; Secrets Of The Lost Summer; Heron’s Cove; That Night On Thistle Lane;


NICHOLS, LINDA                         –  If I Gained The World


OKE, JANETTE                            –  A Searching Heart; The Tender Years


PARKER, ROBERT B.                     –  Enter Spenser


PATTERSON, JAMES                     –  Beach House; Honeymoon; London Bridges; Mary, Mary; Sam’s Letters To Jennifer; Susan’s Diary For Nicholas; 5th Horseman; Thriller Stories edited by; Cross; 6th Target; You’ve Been Warned; 7th Heaven; Sail; Double Cross; Against Medical Advice; Cross Country; 8th Confession; I, Alex Cross; Alex Cross’ Trial; The 9th Judgment; Private; Worst Case; Cross Fire; The Christmas Wedding; Kill Alex Cross;


PATTERSON, RICHARD NORTH       –  Conviction


PEARSON, RIDLEY                       –  Killer Weekend; Killer View


PELLA, JUDITH                            –  Bachelor’s Puzzle; Written On The Wind;


PERETTI, FRANK                          –  House


PERRY, MARTA                            – Hearts Afire & Restless Hearts (2 in 1)


PETERSON, TRACIE                     –  Alaskan Quest Series # 1 – 3; Ladies of Liberty : A Lady Of High Regard #1; A Lady Of Secret Devotion #3; Brides of Gallatin County: A Promise To Believe In #1; A Love To Last Forever #2; A Dream To Call My Own #3,; New Mexico Series:  A Place To Belong #1; Tender Journeys #2; The Willing Heart #4; Song Of Alaska Series:  Dawn’s Prelude #1; Morning’s Refrain #2; Twilight’s Serenade #3; Striking A Match Series:  Embers of Love #1; Hearts Aglow #2; Hope Rekindled #3; Land Of The Lone Star:  Chasing The Sun #1; Touching The Sky #2; Taming The Wind #3; Land Of Shining Water: The Icecutter’s Daughter #1;


PHILLIPS, SUSAN ELIZABETH        –  Call Me Irresistible; The Great Escape


PICOULT, JODI                           –  House Rules


PILCHER, ROSAMUNDE                 –  Winter Solstice


PIPER, DON                                –  90 Minutes In Heaven


PLAIN, BELVA                             –  The Sight Of The Stars


PRATT, JAMES MICHAEL               –  Lighthouse Keeper


QUICK, AMANDA                          – The River Knows


QUINDLEN, ANNA                                    –  Rise and Shine


RANEY, DEBORAH                        –  After It Rains


REECE, COLLEEN                         –  A Torch For Trinity #1; Candleshine #2


RICE, LUANNE                             –  Beach Girls; Dance With Me; Summer’s Child; The Perfect Summer; The Secret Hour; Summer Of Roses; The Edge Of Winter; What Matters Most; Light Of The Moon; Last Kiss; The Letters (also, MONNINGER); The Geometry Of Sisters; The Deep Blue Sea For Beginners; The Silver Boat; Little Night;


RICE, PATRICIA                           –  Small Town Girl


RICHARDS, EMILIE                      –  Lover’s Knot; Sister’s Choice;


RICHMOND, CATHERINE               –  Spring For Susannah;


RIPLEY, ALEXANDRA                    –  From Fields Of Gold


ROBARDS, KAREN                        –  Bait; Shattered


ROBB, J.D.                                 –  Memory In Death


ROBERTS, NORA                          –  Birthright; Carolina Moon; Rivers End; Three Fates; High Noon; Brides Quartet:  Visions In White #1; Bed Of Roses #2; Savor The Moment #3; Happy Ever After #4; Inn Boonsboro Trilogy – The Next Always #1; The Last Boyfriend #2; The Perfect Hope #3;  Whiskey Beach;


ROBERTS, SHEILA                       –  The Snow Globe; The Nine Lives Of Christmas;


ROSS, ANN B.                             –   Miss Julia Throws A Wedding


SATTLER, GAIL                            –  Head Over Heels;


SAUL, JAMIE M.                           – The First Warm Evening of the Year;


SAWYER, KIM VOGEL                   –  Waiting For Summer’s Return; Where Willows Grow; My Heart Remembers; A Promise For Spring; Courting Miss Amsel;


SCHAUB, CHRISTINE                    –  Finding Anna


SCOTTOLINE, LISA                      – Save Me; Come Home


SETTERFIELD, DIANE                   –  The Thirteenth Tale


SHAFFNER, GEORGE                     –  In The Land Of Second Chances (#1); One Part Angel (#2)


SHAW, REBECCA                          –  A Country Affair


SHREVE, ANITA                           –  A Wedding In December; Strange Fits Of Passion; Rescue;


SKYE, CHRISTINA                                    – A Home By The Sea;


SMITH, HAYWOOD                      –  Wedding Belles


SNELLING, LAURAINE                   –  The Brushstroke Legacy; Daughters Of Blessing: A Promise For Ellie #1; Sophie’s Dilemma #2; Rebecca’s Reward #3


SPARKS, NICHOLAS                     –  Dear John; The Rescue; True Believer #1; At First Sight #2; The Choice; The Lucky One; The Last Song; Safe Haven; The Best Of Me;


SPENCER, LAVYRLE                      –  Separate Beds


SPRINKLES, PATRICIA                  –  Remember Box


STEDMAN, M. L.                          –  The Light Between Oceans


STEEL, DANIELLE                        –  Coming Out; Echoes; The House; House On Hope Street; H. R. H.; Second Chance; Toxic Bachelors; Sisters; Bungalow 2; Amazing Grace; Rogue; One Day At A Time; Southern Lights; Family Ties; Hotel Vendome;


STOCKETT, KATHRYN                   –  The Help


STOKES, PENLOPE J.                   –  The Memory Box; The Wishing Jar; Delta Belles; The Book Of Peach;


STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER          –  Uncle Tom’s Cabin


SUTHERLAND, REGINA HALE         –  Red Hat – Acting Their Age


TANENBAUM, ROBERT K               –  Fury


THAYER, NANCY                          –  Moon Shell Beach


THOMAS, JODI                            –  Whispering Mtn Trilogy: Texas Rain #1; Tall, Dark & Texan #2; The Lone Texan #3; Texas Blue  #4; Wild Texas Rose #5; Twisted Creek; Rewriting Monday; Welcome To Harmony; Somewhere Along The Way; The Comforts Of Home; Just Down The Road; Chance Of A Lifetime;


THOMPSON, CARLENE                  –  Nowhere To Hide


THOMPSON, JANICE A.                 –  The Wedding Caper


TRIGIANI, ADRIANA                     –  Very Valentine


TROLLOPE, JOANNA                     –  The Rector’s Wife


TRUMAN, MARGARET                    –  Murder At The Nat’l Cathedral; Murder On The Potomac; Murder Inside The Beltway


TURANO, JEN                              –  A Change Of Fortune


VANLIERE, DONNA                       –  The Angels of Morgan Hill; The Christmas Secret


WALSH, DAN                               –  The Unfinished Gift


WARNER, KAKI                            –  Blood Rose Trilogy – Pieces Of Sky #1; Open Country #2; Chasing The Sun #3; Runaway Bride’s:  Heartbreak Creek #1; Colorado Dawn #2; Bride Of The High Country #3


WATSON, JAN                             –  Troublesome Creek


WHITE, KAREN                            –  Falling Home; The Beach Trees


WHITNEY, PHYLLIS                     –  Woman Without A Past


WHITLOW, ROBERT                     –  Jimmy


WHITSON, STEPHANIE GRACE       –  Pine Ridge Portraits Series:   Secrets On The Wind #1; Watchers On The Hill #2; Footprints On The Horizon #3;  Sixteen Brides;


WHREN, MERRILLEE                     –  The Heart’s Forgiveness;


WICK, LORI                                –  Tucker Mills Trilogy: Moonlight On Millpond; Just Above A Whisper; Leave A Candle Burning; White Chocolate Moments; Big Sky Dreams:  Cassidy #1; Sabrina #2; Jessie #3


WIGGS, SUSAN                           –  Home Before Dark; Lakeside Cottage; Table For Five; Just Breathe; Lakeshore Chronicles: Summer At Willow Lake #1; The Winter Lodge #2; Snowfall At Willow Lake #3; Fireside #4; Lakeshore Christmas #5; The Summer Hideaway #6; Marrying Daisy Bellamy #7; Return To Willow Lake #8;


WILDE, LORI                              –  The True Love Quilting Club; The Cowboy Takes A Bride; The Cowboy & The Princess


WILSON, SUSAN                         –  The Dog Who Danced;


WINGATE, LISA                           –  The Month Of Summer


WITEMEYER, KAREN                    –  Head In The Clouds; To Win Her Heart; Short-Straw Bride


WOODIWISS, KATHLEEN              –  Everlasting


WOODS, SHERRYL                       –  Sweet Magnolias:  Stealing Home #1; A Slice Of Heaven #2; Feels Like Family #3; Welcome To Serenity  #4; Home In Carolina #5; Sweet Tea At Sunrise #6; Honeysuckle Summer #7; Mending Fences; Seaview Inn; Chesapeake Shores:  The Inn At Eagle Point #1; Flowers On Main #2, Harbor Lights #3; A Chesapeake Shores Christmas #4; Driftwood Cottage #5; Moonlight Cove #6; Beach Lane #7; The Summer Garden #8; An O’Brien Family Christmas #9; Midnight Promises #10; Catching Fireflies #11;  Where Azaleas Bloom #12; Ocean Breeze:  Sand Castle Bay #1;


WOODSMALL, CINDY                   –  Sisters Of The Quilt – When The Heart Cries #1; When The Morning Comes #2; When The Soul Mends #3


WOUK, HERMAN                          –  A Hole In Texas


WRENN, ELIZABETH                     –  Around The Next Corner


WRIGHT, JASON F.                      –  The Wednesday Letters


YOUNG, WILLIAM P.                    –  The Shack

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