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Parade float

Written By: Deb Lawson - Jun• 16•11

The Library’s parade float entry is on display in the Library.  This innovative book was the idea of President, Amie Broz.

Check It Out. . . June 2011

Written By: Deb Lawson - Jun• 16•11

There’s nothing better than a good book!  Well, maybe there is.  OK, absolutely!  Like holding my nine-month old sleeping grandson or seeing him smile
when I walk into the room or watching him try to dance while his Mommy is singing one of her silly songs.  Real life is the best, but when you can’t have the real thing, it is fun to immerse yourself in a good book and dream that you are actually on location.  You’re only limited by your imagination.  Whether you like adventure, romance, intrigue or reading about someone else’s real life, you can find it at your local library.  We also have the Nebraska Life magazine.  It’s a great resource for possible vacation spots or just finding out how the other ‘half’ lives.

We have many, many large print books to make reading easier on the eyes, but if you need books on tape because of failing eyesight, we can set you up with contacts to help you to enjoy a favorite pastime.  Or, check out this website:  www.nlc.state.ne.us/tbbs either at home, on our two public computers here in the library, or on your own wireless laptop using our wireless capabilities.

An appointment with Alternity. . . three people will be chosen to use the Time Lottery to make history – and to change their own.  They will be transported back in time into an Alternate Reality – their Alternity – armed only with their hopes, dreams and a thousand good intentions.  After exploring the way their life could have been for one week, they will be given the ultimate choice.  They will be able to assess both alternatives and choose between staying in the past or returning to their place in the present with a life made much richer from the experience.  In this memorable novel by Christian author Nancy Moser discover the lifelong repercussions of good and bad choices.  Delightful!

Inspired by a life-altering incident in his own life, Brendan Burchard’s inspiring debut novel introduces us to a man devastated by the possibility that his fiancée may die.  While Mary clings to life in the hospital, she implores him to take an envelope from her pocket and make his way to an old amusement park.  The envelope, she insists, must remain sealed.  No sooner does he step through the entrance gates of the abandoned park than it magically comes alive.  Walk with him through this journey of discovery.  Want a fanciful and thought-provoking experience?   Come in and CHECK IT OUT. . .



Written By: Deb Lawson - Jun• 16•11

‘Read By The Inch’ is the Summer Reading Program now underway at the Library.  Youngsters aged 3 to 8th grade are encouraged to participate from now until the end of July.  The goal of the summer reading program is to keep the students involved with reading during their summer vacation.  Parents are encouraged to read to the younger children so they may participate as well.

We will keep track of how much the youngsters read by measuring the thickness of each age appropriate book.  For every inch they read they will have their name put in the drawing for prizes.  Each participant will answer questions about the books they read.