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Summer Story Hour

Just a reminder that Summer Story Hour starts tonight at the Community Building, 6:30-7:30 pm.

The theme this year is “Build a Better World” and Megan & Nikki have lots of fun activities planned.

July 17th, 24th & 31st are the rest of the sessions, so the kids will have lots of time for fun and great activities!!

March Library News

I can’t believe that March is just about over. Have you enjoyed the 80 degree weather we’ve been having?
The Nebraska Library Commission & the BTOP grant have been generous again. We will be getting a screen for our projector and last week we received an external hard drive to back up the new computers. This is just wonderful for our small library.
Alumni letters have been sent out the past week for an appeal to help fund a new sign for our library. We have already been receiving donations, so it shouldn’t be too long before we can order the sign. Meadow Grove alumni have always been very generous people. Enjoy the rest of the month.

December News

I cannot believe that Christmas is only three days away. It has been a busy month here at the library. Lots of patrons have been in using the new computers. They especially enjoy using the Webcams. We, the staff, are trying to get familiar with all the new programs on the computers. It is wonderful what the Library Commission and the Gates Foundation have put together for the libraries in Nebraska.
On January 15th, from 2-4 pm the library board and staff will be hosting an Open House for the public to see all of the greaat equipment we now have. I hope many of you will be able to attend this event.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Long Time No Hear From!!

Sorry you haven’t heard from me for awhile, but it has been a hectic summer for us.

In July we had Story Hour at the library every Wednesday evening.

In August we had a beginning sewing class for girls age 8-13. We had 7 girls sign up for the class, which was held three Monday afternoons.

The girls made a pot holder and a “Hot Dog” pillowcase out of funky material. Pat Petersen from Tilden taught the class. The girls had a lot of fun.

Then I had to send in a renewal for the library’s accreditation, and the next thing I new it was budget time.

Well, those are all behind us now and it is time to start weeding books at the library. We need to make room for all of the new stuff we have gotten this year.

I will try and not take so long to write another post.

Happy Fall


Corn Daze Celebration

This weekend will be a very busy time for our library and village. We will be celebrating “Corn Daze”.

Alumni for Meadow Grove High will be attending their dinner Friday night.

The library is hosting it’s annual “Silent Auction” Saturday June 26 in the Village Clerk’s office on Main Street. The hours are 10am to 8pm. The theme for this year’s auction is “The Barnyard and The Pond”. It will be fun as usual to see what our patrons bring to bid on and to see everyone scurrying in during the last minutes of the auction to make sure their bids are secure.

Come and join the fun and help the library at the same time.

Also,don’t forget the bathtub races, the barbeque, the parade and all of the other activities the Booster Club has planned!!!

May Showers Gone Amuk!!!!!

The second week in June and we are still dealing with “May” showers. A little more sunshine like today would be great!!

We have been very fortunate this week and received a generous cash donation from the “Meadow  Lark Club”  of Meadow Grove,  a tub of Disney films in very nice condition from Gene and Clara Marshall of Norfolk and two huge boxes of books by authors our patrons love, from Barbara Leapley of Meadow Grove.

Doris, Ann and I have been busy exchanging our old books and movies with the newer copies just given to us. There was also items the library did not have.

A big thanks to all of our donors!!!!

Welcome Library Friends!!!

Can you believe Meadow Grove Public Library now has a web page?! We are really excited about this! Now you will be able to check the site to see what new items are in the library and what new events are coming up.

We have the newest books from the following authors: Debbie Macomber, Nora Roberts, Lori Wilde, Kim Vogel Sawyer, Iris Johanson, Carol Higgins Clark, PC Cast, John Sanford and many more.

The latest DVDs to hit our shelves are: The Lovely Bones, Crazy Heart, Brothers, Avatar, Planet 51 and Old Dogs. These are are all currently checked out, but you shouldn’t have to wait long to get your chance. You may give us a call to reserve one of the new books or DVDs also, we would be happy to do that.

What's up again!!!

Last week was very productive around here.

Got our web site up, sent in an Internship Grant, in the process of finishing the Libri grant and accessioned a bunch of new books.

Another box of new books arrived this am.

This weather really needs to warm up once!!!!!

Oh, our party Friday night had to be moved indoors and hotdogs cooked on the stove. It was so cold and windy. It was fun though-the kids are excited about the new books they can now check out.

What's new!!

A big thanks to Jessica from Columbus for helping me set up this web page! It wasn’t as hard as I thought!!

Friday is the library’s “Read Around the Campfire” event for the kids, from 7pm-8:30pm. We will barbeque hotdogs and read some of the new Libri Foundation books the library received in March. They are all ready to be checked out now!