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Written By: nppladmin - Nov• 27•20
Originally published to Facebook.com/NorthPlattePL on November 27, 2020.

Throwback History continues today with more newspaper advertising.

As I was combing through the old newspaper editions, I was struck by how much advertising has changed over the years. So I decided to share more advertising that took place during thanksgiving.

Featured during this post are:

1919: Blackbird Pumpkin filling. I had never heard of this brand–anybody every heard of the Blackbird Company??

1919: The Keith Theater had a special Thanksgiving “sparkling musical comedy called “Kiss me Again” featuring Frederick V. Bowers and his big chorus of Broadway beauties! And then an actual picture appeared from the show.

Next are two advertisements–one from 1922 and the other from 1962. Both feature Northwestern Bell Telephone in their advertising. These bring back childhood memories of my rotary dial phones!

1942: This is an article most definitely written during wartime. The photograph accompanying the article was simply called “Feasting Faces”. Both focus on the blessings of life, peace, and family.

The next 2 advertisements are for what was playing at the North Platte Paramount Theater in 1942 and 1962. The 1942 article includes a header at the top of the advertising for the movie “Omaha Trail”. The article reads: “Let us be thankful for our American way of life now being protected and fought for by our boys in the service of our great country. May they speed the day of everlasting Victory and return home.”

1962 featured the advertisement for West Side Story. “BEST PICTURE!” Winner of 10 Academy Awards.

1955 features advertising from the Top Hat TV Center, selling new refrigerators stocked with everything you would need to cook a Thanksgiving Dinner!

And last, but not least, an article from the North Platte Public Library in November 1962. This article features the newest library book purchases in the areas of Thanksgiving Cookery and Entertaining.

We hope you enjoy our trips down memory lane. See you next Friday!

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