William Maloney

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William Maloney was born in Green County, Iowa on September 18, 1882. He came to Nebraska with his family. When he was 16 years old (1898), the family moved west to North Platte.

In 1902 William went to work for C.A. Howe in his furniture and hardware store, located at 413 North Dewey Street. By 1905, Maloney became Howe’s business partner. Howe sent Maloney to the Hohenschuh School of Embalming in Omaha to improve his skills as an undertaker.

After Mr. Howe’s death in 1914, William took control of the business and changed the name of the business to: W.R. Maloney Co. In 1918, Maloney built a new store building; at 214 East 5th Street. The new building was two stories high, with an elevator. Both floors had metal tile ceilings and hardwood floors. The windows on the second floor had religious themed panels, as the second floor had both a chapel and his mortuary. The first floor was dedicated to his furniture business. He sold the finest furniture in North Platte for many years.

In 1938, he sold the building after having a new building constructed at 102 North Dewey Street. The new business was just undertaking, and he no longer sold furniture. Throughout the years that Maloney was in business, he was a well-respected member of the community and very involved in all matters of the city, county, and state.

William Maloney passed away on June 1, 1945, at age 62. It is worth noting that the lake located south of North Platte was named Lake Maloney in honor of William Maloney being the first president of the North Platte Valley Public Power and Irrigation.

This link will give you more information about the purpose, construction and naming of Lake Maloney: https://www.lakemaloneyinformer.com/lake-history

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