September 2018

Image result for clip art booksWell, school is back in session and the library seems so quiet without all the children.  That is until after 3:30 when they get out and stop in for a short bit.  🙂  Summer is coming to a close and Fall is on the way.  Already I see the leaves changing and falling off the tress.  I do love the cooler days to come, but am not looking forward to the cold winter ahead.   I am definitely a Spring and Fall girl. 🙂  Please stop in and check out all the new books your library has to offer.  For such a small library I think we have a grand selection, plus if you can’t find it here, we offer inter library loans and online books through Overdrive.  It is so easy to sign up for a card and a free service to you.  Why not take advantage of what your Village offers you! 🙂  I will look forward to meeting or welcoming you all soon!   The coffee and tea are always available for free too and so is the conversation. 🙂

Image result for clip art fallHappy Fall!!