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  1. Hello Librarian,

    My name is Jojo Liu, I’m a San Francisco-based Chinese Calligraphy artist. I would love to offer Chinese Calligraphy via Zoom workshop if your library has a budget for remote/online programming. I do believe there could be interest in your community for a program on Chinese Calligraphy. Who should I speak with?

    Kids’ Creativity Hour: Chinese Calligraphy (Age 6+)

    Join us for an hour to experiment and learn about basic Chinese Calligraphy. Painting is a fun way to practice writing, and calligraphy is one of the original forms of Chinese writing. We will share how to perform some basic strokes, as well as learn how to say and write a few Chinese characters. Materials needed: paper; either a Chinese Calligraphy brush and ink or a round watercolor brush and a basic watercolor set.

    Learn Chinese Calligraphy via Zoom (Adult)

    Learn the art of Chinese Calligraphy in the comforts of your own home! Let JoJo, a California-based instructor, teach you all about this beautiful and ancient writing style. You will learn the brief history of Chinese calligraphy, proper writing techniques, and the opportunity to write a few phrases using Chinese Calligraphy. Please have your supplies ready on the day of this program. (OPTIONAL – COST)


    Jojo Liu

    • Hello,
      I am sorry to say that we do not have the funding for remote or online learning in this budget. Thank you for asking and good luck!

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