The Rule of One

Come check out one of our newest books.The Rule of One

The Rule of One is a dystopian novel about the United States over 75 years into the future. The country is dealing with a climate crisis and greatly limited natural resources. The government uses fear as it’s weapon to take away the rights of its citizens. A one child policy is put in place and strictly enforced.

Into this scenario, identical twins Ava & Mira are born. Because more than one child is illegal, the twins must be concealed. This is done successfully for eighteen years. Ava & Mira take turns going to school. In the evenings they debrief each other on the day’s happenings. That is until one day their ruse is discovered, and they are forced to flee to save their lives. They have to avoid mandatory scanning devices, drones, heat sensors, wild animals, and outlaws as they try to make their way to Canada.

This is a fun read that is geared toward young adults, but can easily be enjoyed by adults as well. The tension and excitement last until the very end.

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