Good News!

The library has been approved for E-Rate this next year.  This is a program through the government that pays 70% of our library’s phone and internet bill. In case you have ever wondered, you may have noticed on your personal phone bill that you are charged a universal service fee each month.  Some of this money collected is used to provide a discount for schools and libraries on telecommunication services and Internet access. You are charged a universal service fee each month whether or not a local school or library applies for E-Rate.  This is a great way to bring state and federal taxes back into the community.


LibraryThing / Free Books

Since I like to organize books, one of my favorite websites is LibraryThing.  It works well for our small library since I was able to catalog our entire collection online through this site.  However, it also is great for individuals.  You can get an account for free. Once signed up, you can use it to keep track of all the books that you have read. That seems to be a common problem among patrons – remembering what books they have already read.

The best part about a LibraryThing account though, is that you can win free books.  People who publish books like to have lots of written reviews on LibraryThing or Amazon.  They are willing to send out free pre-released copies of their book to people who are willing to write a public review.  A review only has to consist of 25 words or more, and it doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative.  Each month LibraryThing has a drawing to see who gets the free copies. I have received 5 to 6  books in this way. You can choose only the books that you are interested in.  Go ahead and give it a try.

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