Summer Reading Success

The library’s summer reading program is officially over now, but we sure had a lot of fun. We had five afternoons of reading with an average attendance of 23 each day. We had 35 kids earn prizes for time spent reading. This resulted in giving away 31 ice cream cones, 1 hot dog, 160 treasure chest prizes, and 41 pizza/movie rentals.  For the Jr High/High schoolers, we had a drawing for a Kindle Fire E-Reader. Every time they read a book, they were able to put an entry into the drawing box. Out of 25 entries, Karina Kitt was the lucky winner of the Kindle. The kids had fun and hopefully they increased their reading skills over the summer.

This was all made possible by the generous donations from local organizations. Emily Jandreau was great in helping organize the program. The Custer County Foundation gave the library a grant for $400, Trotters Whoa & Go donated some of the pizza/movies, and SWAT donated the Kindle. It was definitely a community effort, and we appreciate everyone who helped

We Love Donations!

Nebraska State Bank in Broken Bow recently presented the Sargent Library with a check for $357.00. Every week the bank has “Jean Fridays” where employees are allowed to wear jeans if they make a donation.  This last month, their donations all went to the Sargent Library. This was a great surprise and very much appreciated. Jana Coons is shown presenting the check to Gayle Mattox and Jessica Decker.


A Piece of Sargent’s History is Gone

A few weeks ago, the library board was made aware of a diseased tree on our property line.  From our side, it looked perfectly healthy.  It was beautiful, huge, and provided much shade.


However, looking on the other side, it was obvious that the trunk was hollow inside. That was scary!

This big, humongous tree could fall at any time and do major damage to property or even kill someone.  We hired Joe Schneider to come take it down. This was not an easy task because the tree hung over many different obstacles.




All that’s left is the stump now, but Joe did a fantastic job. (He even saved a family of birds.) If only trees could talk. Just think of how many Sargent events – happy and sad – that tree would have witnessed.


Free Discarded Books At The Library

We are always getting in new books at the library.  To make room for the new, some of the older books that are well worn or haven’t been checked out recently need to be discarded. These books are available free (donations accepted) for whomever wants them. Come in to the library and look them over. You may find the perfect book for you.

Discarded Books

On Your Mark, Get Set, Read – at the Sargent Library!

Today is the official beginning of the summer reading program for kids. For only one hour of reading (or being read to), the prize is an ice cream cone or a hot dog. Another hour of reading time will earn them a prize from our treasure chest. A free pizza and movie rental is the reward for 5 hours of reading. We will have prizes for up to 10 hours of reading. Later in the summer, there will be free baseball tickets to see the Lincoln Salt Dogs or Omaha Storm Chasers.

Reading time logs can be picked up at the library or downloaded here.  It is so important to encourage your children to read over the summer months. The books can be from any source, and don’t forget, that the Sargent Library offers free eBooks and audio books for you to download to your tablet, computer, or phone. Let’s surprise the teachers this fall when they discover that their students have improved their reading skills.

Older kids can enter a prize drawing for a Kindle. Every book they read earns them another entry.

Happy Reading!

Summer Reading Treasure Chest

Summer Reading Treasure Chest

Exciting Summer of Reading Planned

Wow! The Sargent Library has an exciting program planned for the kids of the community. Our goal is to encourage the kids to read for pleasure and to retain their reading skills over the summer.  

Younger kids (Preschool – 6th grade) can fill out thOn Your Markeir reading time log and earn prizes like ice cream cones, pizza, movie rentals, etc.  We want children to enjoy reading, so all sources of reading are encouraged. They can read print books, eBooks, audio books, newspapers, comic books, or even the back of their cereal box. Plus, on five different afternoons throughout June and July we will have an Afternoon of Reading where kids can come and listen to a story, play games and do crafts.

The older kids (Jr. High – High School) can have a chance at winning a Kindle. Every book they read earns them an entry for the prize.

Come into the library to learn about all of the details. Library cards are free to everyone, no matter where you live.


Check Out Our Audio Books

Many people may not be aware that the Sargent library offers audio books.  We have 72 books on CD that you can check out.  However, since we subscribe to Nebraska Overdrive, we also have a selection of over 8000 audio book titles available free online.  Audio books are great for long road trips. For those who work in the field most of the day, a radio can get really boring when you’re listening to the same old commercials. Listen to an audio book instead.

Now, if you have a smart phone or tablet, it is a simple task to download an audio mp3 and listen to it. Another option is to download an mp3 to your PC using the OverDrive App and then transfer it to an mp3 player.

Finally, if you don’t have any of the above devices, there is still a relatively cheap solution. Go to Ebay or Amazon  and search for a “car mp3 wireless  FM transmitter” These can be purchased for as little as $3.23. To use this device, download the audio book to any flash drive. Then when you plug the flash drive into the transmitter, the audio will come through your car’s FM radio speakers.

This may all sound a little confusing, but feel free to come to the Sargent library anytime, and I will help you sign up for OverDrive and answer any questions you may have.

Nebraska OverDrive Libraries

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