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Written By: lumorgan - May• 27•16

Brigam & Bill Ray 015

The Shelby Community Library has recently added several items to their Archives Collection. Bill Ray, a 1953 Shelby School alumnus, Life Magazine photographer and current resident of New York City, photographed famous people and events.  These include Marilyn Monroe’s infamous singing of Happy Birthday to President Kennedy, Elvis leaving for military duty, riding along with the charter members of Hell’s Angels, the Beatles and countless other presidents, entertainers, etc. Bill donated the the following items to the library:

  • Black and white photograph (8×10) of the last passenger traian to leave Shelby with Shelby locals identified.  This was Bill Ray’s 1st published photograph; January 27, 1952, Omaha World Herald.
  • DVD (2copies) of “My LIFE in Photography” by Bill Ray, recorded live at the Coffee House, New York City, June 24, 2009. Bill Ray’s talking narrative featuring many of the pictures in his book by the same name.  Bill’s humor is evident and he talks of his early days in Shelby.


  • Wauneta, James, Web & Bill Ray, Exhibition 2008 Inscribed ” In memory of my brother, Jim, and my mother Waunita Williams Ray, Bill Ray, NYC, 2016″
  • Jack & Jackie, Images and memories of Camelot by Life Photographer Bill Ray Inscribed “Hope you find Your new frontier, Bill Ray, NYC 2016”
  • Elvis by Bill Ray Inscribed “Elvis is alive & well and coming to Shelby! Bill Ray, NYC 2016”
  • Hell’s Angels of San Berdoo “65 by Bill Ray, Inside the Mother Charter Inscribed “May Your road ahead be straight and True, Bill Ray, NYC, 2016”
  • Art goes Pop? by Bill Ray Inscribed ” Put some POP! in your Life, Bill Ray, NYC, 2016″
  • The Great LIFE Photographers Inscribed “Some great photos for a great library, Bill Ray, NYC, 2016” Bill Rays photos, pages 432-437
  • My LIFE in Photography, Bill Ray Inscribed “For the good people of Shelby.  I will always think of you, Bill Ray, NYC, 2016” 337 pages of Bill Ray’s photographs

Other additions to the Archives Collection include a 1918 Commencement announcement for Shelby High School Donated by Roger Houdersheldt. A DVD-“A Faster Hourse”, a documentary of the Ford Mustang celebrating 50 years with the redesign of the 2015 model. Arjay Miller, 1932 Shelby alummus, appears in the documentary as he was president of Ford Motor Company when the Mustang was first released iln 1965. The DVD and poster were donated by Bill Brigham.

Please keep the library archive collection in mind the next time you clean out your attic, basement, storage spaces, etc.

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