Polk County Digital Archives – The Polk County Historical Society has spearheaded a project to digitize all Polk County newspapers and many local history books. DIGITAL ARCHIVES

  • Newspapers Available
    • The Headlight (1885-1993)
    • Osceola Record (1876-1993)
    • Shelby Sun (1901 – 1993)
    • Polk Progress (1909-1989)
    • Polk County Democrat (1895-1944)
    • Polk County News (1994-2014)
  • Local History Books
    • History of Stromsburg 1872-1972
    • History of Stromsburg 1872-1997
    • Polk County Heritage (1975)
    • Shelby Centennial 1879-1979
    • Osceola 1871-1971
    • Polk Memoirs 1874-1974
    • Polking Around.

Many local courthouse records are digitized and available on Family Search

Genealogy Requests (See full policy under About Us -> Library Policies)

1. A charge of $5 per item will be imposed on obituary requests. Specific dates are required. A charge of $10 per item will be assessed for other types of research requests.
2. Advanced payment is required after library staff agrees to research submitted requests.
3. Library staff limits individuals to six (6) requests.

The Stromsburg Public Library has a collection of unique history and genealogy books available for your family history search. Please visit our ON-LINE CATALOG to search for your specific needs.

The Genealogy Club meets in the Stromsburg Public Library meeting room the last Tuesday of each month at 7 pm. For more information call the library.

Stromsburg Newspapers on Microfilm — The Stromsburg Public Library has available on microfilm previous issues of newspapers printed in Stromsburg, Nebraska. The following newspaper copies are in the library:

  • The Osceola Record – 08/27/1873 through 06/05/1894
  • The Polk Progress – 08/19/1909 through 06/30/1938
  • The Stromsburg Headlight – 10/01/1885 through 12/31/1993
  • The Polk County News – 01/01/1994 through 2014
  • The Stromsburg News, The Stromsburg Republican, and The Stromsburg Weekly: 07/25/1890 through 11/21/1918

Additional research may be requested of other local residents privately and under terms agreeable to both parties.

Additional online resources:

6 thoughts on “Genealogy”

  1. My mother was a 1938 graduate of Stromsburg High School. In organizing and cleaning out assorted Phillips/Harrington family photos, I have come across what I believe to be high school graduation photos of some of my mother’s classmates. Unfortunately these photos are not labeled! Rather than throw them away, I am wondering if your group would perhaps know these individuals and be able to find a home for these photos.

    1. Jan,

      If you would like to mail the pictures to us we have a couple of genealogy people who would gladly find them a home.

  2. I am looking for any info of a marriage that took place on December 25, 1924 between Walter Goetz and Lillian Martin both from Lincoln Ne but the wedding was sponsored in Stromsburg by a Mr. & Mrs. Roy Miller. I have reason to believe that Lillian Martin was my aunt.

    1. Connie,

      I will look into this, I’m sorry it’s taken so long to respond. This message was lost somewhere in cyberspace!

  3. I am looking for an article written by Florence Haverland in the June 21, 1934 “Headlight”. The NSHS does not have that particular issue on microfilm. I wonder if you might have it. Florence Haverland was my grandmother. I live in Lincoln, NE.

    1. Beth,

      We do have that issue on microfilm. Are you looking for the article, “Old Times and New” by Mrs. H. F. Haverland?

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