The Wauneta Public Library is located on the upper level of the Wauneta Municipal Building located at the north end of the town’s main street (Tecumseh Avenue).    Ruth Hohl is the local librarian.  She works in consultation with a library board which is appointed by the Wauneta Village Board.

The library offers a fine selection of books, periodicals, audiobooks and dvds, many of which have been provided as memorial gifts in memory of loved ones.  There are also computers with internet access available for use by the public at no charge.

library history section

Historical Display

The Wauneta Public Library also offers a growing collection of family histories and items of local historical interest. Portraits of the town’s founding family, George and Sarah Rowley, were donated to the town by their descendants and are on display at the library.  Also on display are a number of paintings by local artists as well as an extensive collection of photos of Wauneta throughout the years.



The children’s area offers child-sized seating and a wide variety of books for all ages.

library kids section

Children’s Area

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