Policy on Meeting Rooms

As a community service, the Library provides both a Community Room and a Conference Room for public use during regular operating hours.  Those using the room are expected to help keep them in the best possible condition.  Groups and individuals who abuse these considerations will lose the use of the rooms.

  • Library activities have first preference for Community or Conference Room use.  The City of Holdrege and PhelpsCounty have second preference.
  • Groups must not exceed the legal posted capacity of the rooms: Comm. Rm.: 75; Conf. Rm. 25.
  • No users of the rooms are to imply that their activities are sponsored or endorsed by the Library
  • Reservations must be made in writing during Library hours by the designated contact person at the Circulation Desk.
  • The designated contact person and any backup contact persons must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Any changes in the meeting room schedule must be done in writing, by fax, email, or in person by the designated contact person. Cancellations may be made by telephone. Applicants must read the meeting room policy and sign a statement accepting responsibility for damage or loss to the Library facilities or equipment.
  • The person who signs the statement of responsibility must be present at the time of the meeting in order for the door to be unlocked. A back-up contact person may be specified.
  • Reservations may be made no more than one year in advance.
  • The meeting room is available at no charge for family or community events. A flat charge of $50 will be made for any commercial or profit-making use of the space.
  • The meeting rooms are available during regular library hours beginning at 10 am. All meetings must be completed and rooms cleaned and emptied fifteen minutes before the library closes:  Monday through Thursday 7:45 pm and Friday/Saturday 4:45 pm.
  • Cleaning supplies are located under the sink.  Rooms should be left in the condition they were found; this includes returning chairs and tables to their proper places.
  • A stove, small refrigerator, sink and coffee maker are available in the Community Room.  All food and appliances must be cleaned up, and all waste placed in the trash can.
  • The Library does not provide any supplies for meetings.
  • Heating or air conditioning is minimal when the rooms are not in use.  The thermostats may be adjusted, but they should be returned to their original settings.
  • No alcoholic beverages, no gambling, no illegal substances or activities are permitted.  No smoking or open flames are permitted anywhere in the building.
  • Restrooms are located up the short flight of basement stairs. Handicapped accessible restrooms are located on the main level of the Library.
  • Groups using the rooms are responsible for any needed set up, clean up, and advertising.  Set-up and clean-up time should be included in room reservation time.
  • No permanent storage of any equipment or materials is allowed.
  • Any decorations must be removed immediately following a meeting.  No tape, nails or tacks may be used on the walls.
  • Groups or individuals will be charged for any damages that occur when they are using the rooms.
  • The Library is not responsible for accidents, injury, loss, theft, or damage of individual property that may occur while the meetings rooms are in use.  The Library is not responsible for the safety of any personal items brought into the meeting rooms.
  • No activities that would interfere with the operation of the Library are allowed.  Examples include loud music, unsupervised children, etc.
  • All children’s groups must be supervised by an adult.
  • The Library staff cannot supervise the children of parents using the meeting rooms (see Unattended Children Policy)
  • The Library reserves the right to stop any activity in progress for violation of rules, or if people are behaving in a disorderly, disruptive, or offensive way.
  • The Library reserves the right to deny the use of the rooms to any persons or groups.
  • Library staff should be notified as soon as possible of any problem with the rooms.
  • Use of the rooms will not be restricted because of race, religion, sex, national origin, or political affiliation.


Responsibility for the implementation of this policy and for scheduling the use of the facilities rests with the Library’s administrative staff. The Library Director retains final authority for implementing this policy.




I, the undersigned, have read and understand the Meeting Room Policy of the Holdrege Area Public Library, and agree to its terms in exchange for the use of its meeting room facilities. I understand that I will be contacted in writing should my group violate any part of this agreement, and that I am responsible for any damage caused to the facility or equipment.

Contact Person

Printed Name ____________________________________________

Signature _______________________________________________

Organization Name _______________________________________


City/Zip ________________________________________________

Home Phone ____________________________________________

Work Phone _____________________________________________

E-Mail __________________________________________________

Back-up Contact Person

Name ___________________________________________________

Phone Number ____________________________________________

E-mail Address ____________________________________________

(Revised 2/20/03)

(Revised 1/8/2008)

(Revised 4/1/2008)

(Revised 10/1/2012)

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