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Overdue/Lost & Damaged Items

The following overdue fines do not apply towards tablets and e-readers. Please see the policy regarding tablets and e-readers for their overdue fees.

Once an item becomes overdue, all privileges requiring a library card number will be suspended, until it is returned and all overdue fees are paid or if all lost or damaged fees are paid. However, an item may be renewed up to 7 days after the due date. No renewals will be granted for items more than 7 days overdue.  Items returned before we open will be checked in as if they were returned the previous day the library was open.

Patrons with overdue items will have a 7 day grace period, where no overdue charges will be assessed. Starting on the 8th day an item is overdue, a $0.50 charge will be applied each day the item is overdue, up to $15.00 per item.

Once an item is 38 days overdue, a bill for the item(s) will be mailed out. If the item(s) is not returned, a replacement charge equal to the cost of the item and a $10 processing fee will be assessed. However, if the item is returned only the $15 overdue fee will remain.

Overdue notifications

Notifications will be sent at the following intervals

  • A reminder will be sent 3 days before an item is due, via text or email only.
  • A text, email, or phone message will be made once an item is 6 days overdue.
  • A letter will be mailed once an item is 14 days overdue.
  • A bill for the replacement and processing cost will be mailed at 38 days overdue.

Patrons with a lost or seriously damaged item will be charged a replacement cost plus a $10 processing fee. Replacement items will not be accepted unless cleared with the Library Director, and the $10 processing fee is paid.

In the case of lost items, a refund, of both the replacement charge and the processing fee, may be issued, if the item is found within 60 days of the due date. If any overdue charges were accrued on that item, those charges will apply and the refund may be applied towards it.

Patrons returning a damaged item that is deemed usable by the Library Director will be charged at the discretion of the Library Director, but less than the cost of the replacement charge. Patrons returning a book missing the library barcode will be charged $2.00.

Adopted 10/10/2012, Revised 9/18/2013, 2/15/2017

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