April Showers

Change is inevitable, and April is proud of it. The weather is moody sometimes, but it delivers trophies in Spring flowers, baby animals, and Easter Egg hunts. Battle Creek is experiencing the showers and windiness of the season, but this is a good time to celebrate the end of winter.

The next week (April 10-13) provides National Library Week for entertainment. Stop in at Lied Battle Creek Public Library for treats, stories, and sur-prizes. Imagination and art will be explored here and, no doubt, lots of books.  Story time will be held on Tuesday, April 11 at 3:40 in the meeting room. Parents are welcome to stay and listen. The Library will be closed on April 14 (Friday) to celebrate Good Friday, but we will be open our regular hours on Saturday, April 15, from 9 am to 3 pm.

Earth Day is April 22 and a good time to plant or rejuvenate our Tree City. City-wide garage sales will be on Saturday, April 29. This is a good time to clean out our attics and basements and find great bargains next door! See you then.