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Blind Date with a Book

We have a fun activity for you brave souls out there…How About A Blind Date with a Book?  We have a variety of books wrapped so you can’t see what they are, with a short description on the front.  Come check one out and take it home to unwrap.  Stop by the library for a chance at falling in love with a good book.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Frozen

frozen office 3

We are only 9 days away from the very special arrival of Elsa & Anna joining us for the Read Along.  My office is starting to pile up with evidence that we truly are excited about this program and hoping to make it extra special for the children in our community. (As well as the children at heart!)

Just a quick update to let everyone know we were concerned about the library not being large enough to accommodate everyone…so we have moved the venue site to the community building.  We hope to see everyone there!