Story Hour

This week at story hour we will have the big kids making Galaxy Space Slime. They are also going to be sending their rockets to outer space! We will have the little kids decorating telescopes and playing planet match.

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Story Hour

We will be hosting another summer story hour program through the month of June. The theme this year is “A Universe of Stories”. Any child from preschool thru elementary age are welcome to attend. Story hour will be every Friday in June starting this Friday, June 7th, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. They will read a story, make fun crafts, do exciting activities, and eat tasty treats. We hope to see there!

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Library Project Schedule

We will be painting the northeast section of the library and the office and then carpeting the whole library.

Our schedule is:

November 19 & 20 – box up books

November 21 – move shelves 

November 22 to 25 – Closed for Thanksgiving 

November 26 to 30 – paint

December 1 – start carpeting

*Books that we put in boxes will stay there till we are done carpeting the section they were in.  Please stock up on books before November 19th.  This will mainly effect the adults since the kids books are on shelves that do not need to be moved.  

*We will still be open so dvds, kids books and other books, that are not on shelves that need moved, can be checked out.  We will try to organize new books and Christmas books so they are available during this time as well.

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T-Shirt Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the t-shirt raffle: Jonah Fegley, Linley Fegley, Valerie Bond, Maya Flammang, and Rheta Burke.

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Butler Memorial Library T-Shirt Raffle

Stop by the library and enter our raffle. The winner of the raffle gets a free Butler Memorial Library t-shirt

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Last Book Club

We held our last book club of the year on Wednesday. The kids started off discussing their book then they moved on their craft. For their craft, they filled bottles with layers of colored sand. After they finished their craft, the library gifted them with three books. 

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Stop in at the library for our book sale. We have all genres of books and audio cassettes along with DVDs for sale.

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Lego Workshop

The Lego workshop we held this last Tuesday was a huge success. A good time was had by all. The big kids spent their day building Lego balloon cars. To begin Shane instructed them on how to build the base of the car. After everyone got their car working, we allowed them to make any modifications they wanted to make. Then they spent the rest of the hour racing their cars. While they did this the little kids explored the several stations we set up for them. They built cars, houses, towers, and animals. They also got to experiment putting Lego bricks into playdough. After the kids got done cleaning, they grabbed a cookie and went home.

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Last Story Hour



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Second Week of Story Hour

It was another successful week here at Butler Memorial Library. This Thursday we hosted another stupendous story hour. The little kids had a day full of fun. They started the day listening to Annie read books to them. They then colored their maracas. They ended their craft time by doing puzzles. Finally, they went home with a snack.The bigger kids had a fun day making pan flutes. Once they were done making their pan flutes they did a five senses worksheet over Pop Rocks. There were a lot of creative observations made by these kiddos. After they were done they went home with their pan flute and a snack.

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