CC Public Library has Almost 100 Cake Pans Available for Checkout!

Click Here to See Our Cake Pan List!


  • Amanda Hubbard

    This is such a great idea! How to you manage checkouts and returns? This is something I would like to see if our county library or extension office would be interested in doing. Thanks!

    • centralcity

      Hi Amanda,
      The cake pans are kept in the back. They are each individually stored in a clear plastic bag. In each bag, we have an index card that has a bar code on it (includes the name/number of the cake pan). There is a book pocket with the name of the cakepan on it, that stays in the bag with the pan when it’s checked out. The index card is kept in a file at the circ desk until the pan is returned. Once the pan comes back in, the barcode is scanned. The index card is put back in the book pocket, put back in the bag, and the pan is returned to the storage area.

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