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July 6, 2012 Library Board Meeting
.Members attending the meeting were Stephanie Haack, Beth Shipman, Angie Ridgeway, Nancy Bischoff, Susan Short, and Thelma Soucie.

The Atriuum catalog system is starting up. The director will be cataloging over 7900 items into the new system and it will take some time to complete. Volunteers are welcome to come catalog to help get it done sooner. The old catalog system has become unstable and unreliable to transfer the data to Atriuum so it will be accomplished by hand.

The library has a new projector, movie screen, and a cutting board; the director wants to know what we should charge to lend these items out. The board decided that the director will research other libraries to see how much and the length of time other libraries lend items out.

There will be a Special collections section set up for the classics, rare, and special books belonging to the library in the museum. Two shelves will be needed to do this, maybe the library will be able to find some thru donations.

The library’s centennial will be coming up and the idea of honoring the former librarians has been given as part of the celebrations. The library could use some help with names and dates of any former librarians.

The subject of painting the library walls was presented by the director. If approved by the City, new brighter paints and possibly murals for the kids and teen sections was discussed. The Board approves of the idea to do this and will look further into it with the City. The library may look into volunteers to help draw and/or paint the murals on the walls if approved.

Summer Reading program is going well. It has had 10 kids on average attending. The program has 3 more weeks, with a party on the last day for the kids. The board viewed pictures from the program.

The director requested 3 trainings, needing 1 to 2 days for a training in Grand Island for BTOP grant. The other two will be webinars and will not need a substitute. The Board approved the training.

The library’s garden area was discussed. The rose bushes need to be moved and other areas need to be cared for. The idea of asking the Boy Scouts if they would like to help do the project was given and the scout leaders will be asked.

The Triple F Days was discussed. The library will be having the Pancake feed. Thelma will make the batter, Nancy will be gone but will give pans to Susan to make the sausage, all the items needed for the feed will be purchased and picked up by Aug 18th. The board members will set up for the feed Aug 17th at 7pm. The pancake feed will run 8am – 10 am Aug 18th. Any donations are greatly appreciated for the pancake feed.

Next meeting will be August 3, 2012 at 9am. The public is welcomed to join and share ideas or comments!