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Check It Out. . .November 2011

Are you a list maker?  I make to-do lists, shopping lists, who I need to call lists, mailing lists, what books I want to read lists and left-overs lists.   My problem is that I then need a list to help me keep track of all the rest of them.  I could make a list of things to […]

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Check It Out. . .September 2011

I had a new alarm clock.  I can’t say that I appreciated him at first, but I finally decided that he wasn’t going away anytime soon.  He wasn’t all that punctual either, but oh, was he persistent!  Peck, peck, peck, flutter, flutter, peck, flutter, peck.  Every ten minutes for an hour or more each morning.   A […]

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Check It Out. . .August 2011

I long for bing cherries all winter.  Then it’s sweet corn, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.  It won’t be long and I’ll probably be longing for warmer weather.  But, on one thing I’m consistent.  I’m always looking forward to the new books by my favorite authors. Karen Harper is one of those.  In The Hiding Place she writes about Tara […]

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Check It Out. . .July 2011

Wind, rain, wind, hail, wind, heat, wind – it’s amazing that a garden will grow anything resembling flowers or vegetables in this NE weather.  But, regardless of how it was beaten down in the recent storms it keeps coming back.  We could all take lessons in resiliency to keep on growing when things get tough! […]

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Check It Out. . . June 2011

There’s nothing better than a good book!  Well, maybe there is.  OK, absolutely!  Like holding my nine-month old sleeping grandson or seeing him smile when I walk into the room or watching him try to dance while his Mommy is singing one of her silly songs.  Real life is the best, but when you can’t […]

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