Hayes Center Public Library

More than the Center of Hayes

New LP Westerns

Written By: Deb Lawson

Adams, Clifton            –           The Hard Time Bunch

Best, James D.             –           Leadville; Shopkeeper

Brand, Max                 –           Hired Guns; The Sacred Valley; Valley Of Outlaws

Brooks, Bill                  –           Rides A Stranger

Foreman, L. L.            –           Gunning For Trouble

Foster, Bennett           –           Seven Slash Range

Gooden, A                     –           Guns On The High Mesa

Johnstone, J. A.           –           The Loner

LeMay, Alan                –           Painted Rock

Lynde, Stan                  –           Vendetta Canyon

MacDonald, William   –           Master Of The Mesa; Ranger Man

Martin, Charles           –           The Lobo Breed

McCoy, Max                –           Canyon Diablo

Overholser, Wayne     –           The Dry Gulcher

Scott, Bradford            –           The Cowpuncher

Wheeler, Richard        –           Snowbound

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