Summer Reading Kicks Off

We had a lot of fun this week experimenting with straws!

The kids:

  • discovered how vocal chords work
  • found out that the longer the straw is, the harder it is to suck up liquid
  • used a thaumatrope to see that sometimes the signal from the eyes to the brain gets confused
  • constructed a wind-powered car
  • built hoop gliders

Remember… all kids entering 2nd through 6th grades are invited to join us Thursday mornings starting again July 12 from 10:00-11:00 for some free experimenting!!!

Also, we invite them to join us Tuesday afternoons @ 4:00 for a movie.  All movies are rated either G or PG.  Drinks with lids welcome.

Programs for kids ages 3 through entering 1st grade are Friday mornings from 9:00-10:00.

As of June 27th, the kids are in the lead, currently out-reading the adults by 14 books!  Be sure to stop in and ask about this community wide competition.

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