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If you’re new to WordPress, the WordPress Codex has tons of useful information for beginners.  There’s also a compact beginner’s guide here that covers a lot of the same information in the videos (and includes an index to blog posts by topic).

These videos are best viewed full-screen @ 720p and were all created in a single take. (So please be kind when I stumble over a word or two.)

WordPress 4.x videos

The Basics

More coming soon. In the meantime these videos are still available…

WordPress 3.x videos

The Basics

Tips & Tricks

Would you like a print manual?

For those of you that prefer print materials to learn from or to have as a reference I’d like to point you to the WordPress 4.0 User Guide from interconnect/it. They have a free download version of their user manual and it is a great resource. (There are some minor differences based on the customizations we’ve made but you probably won’t notice them all that much.)

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