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Sargent Leader Newspaper Archives 1892 – 2019

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Loup Valley Eagle Sargent Newspaper from 1884

Custer Leader

A few Broken Bow newspapers from 1887 to 1892

Garfield County Gazette

Garfield County Newspaper from 1886

Sargent Nebraska 75th Anniversary

Sargent, Nebraska, Custer County, August 2, 1907

History of Custer County, Nebraska by W. L Gaston

Pioneer History of Custer County by S. D. Butcher

Pioneer History of Custer County by S. D. Butcher

Custer County Republican

Custer County Republican Newspaper Archive 1882-1921

1904 Custer County Atlas

1904 Custer County Atlas

Custer Co Atlas 1964


Custer Co Atlas 1985

Custer Co. Atlas 1994

Sod Houses or the Development of the Great American Plains

The Ladder of Rivers: The Story of I.P. (Print) Olive by Harry E. Chrisman

Gunfights, Cattle Wars, Murder and Hangings in Custer County


  • I am looking for a picture of Sagents High School in 1942. My mother was a graduate that year.

  • I am really hoping that you can point me in the right direction. My father-in-law’s family is from Sargent Nebraska and I have been doing some research about his family and have actually found some photos posted on the internet by the Sargent Township Library of one of his ancestors, James Pierce. One of the photos is his funeral procession making it’s way into the Sommerford community in 1910. My questions is this, my father-in-law said that Time Life did a Chronicle that had some stuff about his family in it and he has been searching for this book forever. I took it upon myself to make it my mission to find it, but not having much luck. I was wondering if you could help point me in the right direction to find any published book that would show his family in it. I only have a little bit of information which is, his name is James Pierce and lived in Sand Creek, Custer County, Nebraska. He moved to Nebraska in 1880 and established the Post Office in Somerford. I have found a picture of his home in Sand Creek on Nebraskahistory.org and found a very small biography of him on the Official Nebraska Government Website and then the photo that this Library posted on the internet of his funeral procession. Is there anyway you could tell me of some books that may be for purchase that would have pictures about his family?

  • James Pierce is my wife’s great great grandfather. We have some logbooks of his when he was on a whaling ship. We also have the original safe when he was the postmaster for Sommerford. He built a soddy when he first moved to Nebraska, and years later built a house that is still in his family. Two photographs and a narrative about him are in this book: https://www.amazon.com/Solomon-D-Butcher-Photographing-American-1985-06-01/dp/B019TM5XR4

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