Sargent History

Many more pictures can be found on the library’s Pinterest page.

Sargent Township Library Pinterest

Railroad graders above Sargent, 1889

Custer County Bank at Sargent – 1889

First Train into Sargent – 1899

People gathered in front of the City Hotel – 1888

Group of people in front of the Eureka House of Sargent

James E. McCray, editor of the Sargent newspaper – 1886 (also Sargent Insurance Office)

George Sherman and family at the first post office in Sargent – 1886

Group on porch of Windsor Hotel at Sargent – 1886


  • Great pictures of Sargent in the early days. I was happy to see them as I am looking for a picture of the Freeman Opera House built around 1907. According to the Sargent Centennial book, it was located where Doug and Carl have their grocery store. There is a picture in this book, but it is not very clear. The reason for my interest is because my Grandmother was in a performance in the Opera House way back when. I am lucky to have the show bill from that evening. I want to make a composite of her picture, the show bill and a picture of the Opera House. Incidentally, I have a picture which has a number 65 or 85 on it that shows a street in Sargent. Perhaps a Mr. Livermore took it. Do you know if there is a file anywhere of his photos? FYI. My Grandmother performed with the Comstock Home Talent Group

  • Hey Maxine,
    Are you still looking for a photo of the Opera House?

  • My last name is Sargent. I’m wondering if there’s any relation at all.

    • Our town was named in honor of Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Sargent of Streator, IL.
      They didn’t found the community, but they were close friends of the original settlers.

  • I have an old chest of drawers that is stamped G W wilde. Sargent neb. Wondering if there is much information on this person and when this cabinet was built? Any info is appreciated. Text me at 970 302 8381. Thanks. Richard morris

  • Thank you very much for the info, t I’ve interesting.

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