We are please to announce, we are one of the recipients of a Grant from Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund, an affiliated fund of Nebraska Community Foundation (NCF) Check back for updates on events! As we hope to make an impact on our Scribner Youth with this opportunity!

Grant Award Announcement

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First Day of School

Today was our first school day at the New Library.  We opened half an hour early to accommodate the 1:30 early dismissal. We had a huge crowd of children. With all of the new space and computers, craft/work room,  everyone easily found something to do.  I am not sure who was more excited? The children or the Librarians? Our Legos, puzzles and games were in constant use. Goodness, we are tired, and we get to do it all again tomorrow!

We are so incredibly blessed to have our New Library. It is an oasis in our small town that offers the same opportunities to everyone. Our children have a safe place to be after school, with Librarians excited to greet them and hear about their first day. Our local businesses and many patrons have donated games and crafts, so that our children have the opportunity to create, to play, to visit with friends and to make new ones.  What an amazing day!

Thank you Scribner!


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Welcome to Scribner Public Library!


Children’s Craft Room

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New Library

Scribner Public Library has moved and we are slowly settling in to our new space. As I look around at the new building and all of the additional space we have, the new computers, the new shelves, the new furniture, I am so incredibly grateful. There is no Library or Librarian in Nebraska that has ever received such a gift. There are no words heartfelt enough to express our thank you to the Furstenau Family.
This will be an article filled with appreciation for our community, as so many helped with our move. So, here goes. (I hope I don’t leave anyone out)
To our Shelf Movers, Diesel Dostal and Mike Baumert, thank you so much for offering to move the Shelves and recruiting the following volunteers, Corey Schlueter, Marvin Pieper, John Stockamp, Matt Giesselmann, and Joe Wolfgram, thank you for getting them here in perfect condition! To everyone that provided boxes and/or carts to move them, Kriz-Davis, Desmond Smith, Diesel Dostal, Arlene Alsmeyer, Scribner-Snyder Schools, Rich Alt, Lee’s Market, Z’s Bar and Grill, and Scribner Pharmacy. I have so many beautiful ladies to thank, but first I would like to thank their amazing husbands! Glenn Sweet, Rich Alt, Myron Groppe and Janis Baker’s Boys, and my son Joshua and my Husband Mike. Thank you all for putting up with a week of late or no dinners and some exhausted wives.
And now on to the beautiful ladies! Cindy Stollberg, Susie Dostal, Lori Baumert, Joyce Tienken, Peg Koopman, Steph Rangeloff, Laura Sweet, Lindsey Stumpe, Jeannete Groppe and Lorna Von Seggern, thank you for the millions of ways you helped! Christine Smith, and Janis Baker, there are no words to express my gratitude, Thank you for supporting me and for all that you do! Denise Grunke, Thank you for a million things, but mostly for believing in me and reminding me, that we could do this! There is no way to ever thank you enough Denise, much love from me. And to My Maggee Alt, I love you lady, you amaze me with your continued dedication to the Library and The Friends of the Library. All of your tireless efforts before and during the move, I can never thank you enough. You may have noticed how many names are mentioned in this thank you, it was truly a community effort. Done by volunteers!
I would like to thank Mayor Thomas and the City Council Members, for all you have done to make this possible. I wish you could see each child’s face light up when they see all that you have done for each of them! You have made this Library a Dream Come True!
It has been wonderful showing the public everything in the new Library, and I have truly loved watching our Scribner Youth as they walk in and see the changes, new space and new computers. The absolute best part of my job is the people who use the library, you are the reason I am here! So, if you have time stop in and see us, we would love to see you! Thank you Scribner, for letting me be your Librarian! Angie

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Harry Potter-Harry Potter-Harry Potter!!!

img_20161112_124843_720 img_20161114_122754_825

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New Release Shelves

10/25/2016 Young Adult, Juvenile, Adult, and Large Print new releases!!! 🙂
(Imagine the space in the Adult Fiction section is filled with Triple Crown by Felix Frances!)
-The ScribLibScribe

img_20161025_151611_911 img_20161025_151622_606

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New Books!

Hey guys! We’ve got lots of new books for you!

Adult Fiction: Triple Crown by Felix Francis, Order to Kill by Vince Flynn, Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult, The Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain, and From This Day Forward (Songs of Blessing series) by Lauraine Snelling

Large Print: Dodgers by Bill Beverly and Wintering by Peter Geye

Young Adult: Every Hidden Thing by Kenneth Oppel, The Hawkweed Prophecy by Irena Brignull, and Replica by Lauren Oliver, which is two books in one (you have to flip the book over to read the other story, and you can’t understand one fully without the other – isn’t that neat?!)



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Updated Hours!

Hello all! I’ve realized that our open hours on this blog aren’t updated but now I can’t seem to find the little thing that had our hours on it 🙁 So I decided I’d make a post about them, and it’ll show up first thing on our page! 🙂
Have a great day, everyone!

Mondays 10 am – 7 pm
Tuesdays 1 pm-5 pm
Wednesdays 2 pm-6 pm
Thursdays 1 pm-7 pm
Fridays 10 am-5 pm
Saturdays 10 am-1 pm

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The ScribLibScribe

Hello everyone, it’s Liz the Librarian at your local Scribner Public Library here. Angie decided that it was time to revamp the old blog and start using it more, and I have been put in charge of it. From here on out, I’ll be known as the ScribLibScribe when I post! Yay!

The sad part is that I don’t quite know what I’m doing; I haven’t edited a webpage since the first days of MySpace (ugh, I know). Don’t worry – I’m going to keep at it until I’ve got it all figured out!

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to post our news and try to figure out the calendar and events pages.

At the moment, the latest news is that we’ve got lots of new books for you all to read! Come on in and check ’em out! We will also be receiving all of the Golden Sowers shortly.

We’re currently discussing events for Halloween :3 stay tuned..

Also, the Tannenbaum Festival will be on November 19th, so keep your calendars open!

I think that’s it for now; everybody have a great weekend! 🙂


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Introducing our New Library System!

So, we have this new thing at the Scribner Public Library, we hope you will take some time to check out Your Library’s New Integrated Library System, Follett Destiny!!! The new URL to access our Catalog, https://scribnerpubliclibrary.follettdestiny.com
This is so very exciting for us as it gives our users so very many options!
Take a few moments to check it out!

Leave us a note to tell us what you think!

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