Shelby Community Library


Written By: Laura Alt


The Shelby Library Foundation

The Shelby Community Library is a wonderful resource and a community treasure. Combining the school and village libraries has created a great educational collaboration between the school and the surrounding area.

With the new addition to the school, the library has parking in front of a new entrance to the library. Along with the new entrance is handicapped parking. The adult section of the library is separate from the elementary section; adults who come to the library will not interfere with elementary classes. There is a new seating area in the entrance with a wireless kiosk for looking up the library’s collection or the new newspaper digitization project.  The digitization project has placed all the previous Shelby and other Polk County newspapers on a searchable website.  This project will allow you to lookup people or articles from the first newspaper in the late 1800’s to the 1960’s. Fundraising efforts continue to digitize additional newspapers from the 1960’s to present.

The library board is working hard to fulfill the mission of the library: The Shelby Community Library is to collect, preserve, and make available materials in print and electronic form to serve the recreational, informational, educational, and leisure needs of the community.  The Shelby Community Library is committed to supporting a lifelong enjoyment of reading and learning for all ages.

We continue to be an accredited library which demonstrates our commitment to serving the unique needs of our community as accreditation is a measure of the quality of services the library offers to its community.

We are so thankful for the many donations that have been given in the past which have helped move our library forward. We are hoping that you will continue to help us make our library one of the best small town libraries in the state of Nebraska.

At this time of the year you may be thinking of making a tax-deductible donation, such as, gifting grain or giving a monetary contribution. We appreciate your consideration of a gift, large or small.


The Shelby Community Library Board

Please fill out the following form below. Make your donation payable to the Shelby Library Foundation P.O. Box 146, Shelby, NE 68662.

 Contact your tax consultant concerning your tax-deduction donation.

 Thank you very much.

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