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    1. Charlotte Endorf

      It’s been awhile since I spoke in your location. I now have 4 talks to choose but feel my Grace Snyder and her quilts would be ideal. How about booking something the end of July?

    2. Alondra Echevarria

      Hi! My name is Alondra and I was looking to see if there were any volunteer opportunities at the public library. If a resume is needed I will gladly send one.

    3. Good afternoon,
      How large is this room? How far in advance does a room need to be requested? We are with the Convention of States of Nebraska and might wish to request a room for a town hall type meeting. Convention of States is a non-profit organization.

    4. Can I come in there anytime to explore all the programs with someone ? I’m going to start college at Northeast here in town in January , there are some things I need to get done before then they’ve suggested .

    5. Where do I connect to ne overdrive?

      • Hi Jean!
        Is there anyway you could come into the library for us to show you how?
        If not, go ahead and give us a call!

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