What's new?


We have a discord for you to use now. There are lots of new books that have come in. We have both nonfiction and fiction books that are new. 

Please do this survey. It will help us plan new activities and find more materials that you all will like. 


Let us know what you want.  You can talk to us in person at the desk, leave a note on the whiteboards, send us an email (dhabinck@southsiouxcity.org or rpayte@southsiouxcity.org), or communicate with us on our social media pages!

You could also join TAB!


We have fun events coming up! We’re going to be starting a D&D group at the library! Crochet and Cookies is still happening on Tuesdays at 5:30! And as always, come to the let’s craft events. You can also get volunteer service by helping with reading buddies on Wednesday!

December 9th – 4:00 PM. Tie Scarves

December 16th – Mosaics at 3:30-5:00

December 22: Come sign up to play D&D or learn more about it. (You can make your parents come instead)



Check back soon for January events!

  Perks of joining

* A Say in Youth Activities

* Food

* A voice in what materials we get

* volunteer hours. 

*Cool activities just for teens


Homework Help

Do you need help with homework or help with catching up on homework? 

Come to the library on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:30-5:00 or Thursdays afterschool. 

We have books, computers, and staff that can help you figure it out or make a plan to get caught up. 

If you don’t want to talk about it but still want help, here’s a form. 


We have resources for finding books, school/college help, volunteer work and health.