Golden Sower Nominees 2018-2019 at TRaiLS!

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We currently added two Golden Sower Nominated titles for 2018-2019:


Ryan Quinn and the Rebel’s Escape by Ron McGee

Start at the beginning with this first installment of a new trilogy about a New York City teenager. Ryan Quinn is excited to settle down for awhile after spending his entire childhood traveling with his father, a United Nations worker. The catch, of course, is that Ryan’s parents disappear shortly after getting to New York. As Ryan investigates into their disappearances, he uncovers the true lives of his parents, who are part of an underground organization that handles dangerous rescue missions. Following in his parents footsteps, he dives into an international rescue mission for freedom.


The Girl in the Blue Coatby Monica Hesse

Welcome to World War II, a dark and dangerous time in Amsterdam in 1943. Hanneke, a young woman growing up in desperate times, spends her time finding scarce items to sell on the black market. Until one of the items Hanneke has to find is a Jewish teenager who vanished from a secret room in the safety of a woman’s home. This mystery leads Hanneke to another after another as she finds out the horrors of the Nazi war machine and is moved to the heart of the resistance.

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