Apply for a Library Card

Residents of York and York County (Benedict, Bradshaw, Gresham, Henderson, Lushton, McCool Junction, Thayer, Waco) can sign up for a library card. If you are not a resident of one of the listed locations, you have the option of signing up for a non-resident library card, which costs $10 per month, $20 for 6 months, or $30 for a year.

To sign up for a library card, first come into the library with a form of ID that includes your York or York County address, such as your driver’s license, passport, utility bill, or vehicle registration. A staff member at the front desk will give you an application to fill out.   If you prefer, the library card application and user responsibility form can also be reviewed and printed to complete prior to coming to the library. After a library staff member has recorded your information and verified your address, you will receive a library card.

Your library card can be used to check out materials, monitor your library account online, and use the library’s E-Resources. Library cards must be kept current with an annual update of contact information.  Patrons are given the option to receive an electronic reminder when it is time to go to the library for this renewal process.


Kilgore Memorial Library is a participating library in the Nebraskard program. The Nebraskard program, sponsored by the Nebraska Library Commission, allows libraries to issue Nebraskard permits to their patrons so that they can borrow materials from other participating libraries in addition to their home library. Nebraska Library Commission has a list of participating libraries, those that accept Nebraskard permits.

If you are not a resident of York or York County and your home library is a participant in the Nebraskard program, ask for a Nebraskard permit from your home library. Then, Kilgore Memorial Library will be able to honor your Nebraskard permit so that you can check out our materials.

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