York Area Cemeteries

Most of the research to locate these cemeteries was originally done by the York County Historical Association, and published by them as an annotated map.  This web listing is only possible because that work had been done.

Each of the links on this page brings up a “satellite view” image in Google Maps(tm).  You can use that service’s features to provide whatever details you need to find the cemetery if you wish to visit it personally. A few small family plots are not included.  Check with the York County Historical Association at (402) 362-2990 for more information.

  • Arborville 10 1/2 miles north of Highway 34 on Road D
  • Bethel (Benedict) Go 2 miles north of Benedict on Highway 81, east on Road 24 3 miles to Road O, 1/8th mile north on Road O.
  • Bethesda (Lutheran) 4 1/2 miles west of York on Highway 34; cemetery on south side of highway, west of Road I.
  • Bethesda Mennonite (Henderson) 1/2 mile east of Road B on Road 8.
  • Blue Ridge (Polk County) go north of Gresham on Highway 69.  Cemetery is on north side of the road where Highway 69 curves west.
  • Blue Vale (Valley) 1/2 mile east of Road S on Road 5. Road S goes south from the I-80 Waco exit.
  • Brabham Family (Zion) 5 1/2 miles north of Highway 34 on Road B; cemetery in field on E side of road; not easily accessible, not detectable in Google Maps(tm) images.
  • Cashler (Union) Cemetery From Interstate 80 Waco exit, north 1/2 mile to Road 10, east 5 miles to Road X, south to dead end. Cemetery is adjacent to Interstate 80 right-of-way.
  • Cedar Lawn (Gresham) East end of Ella Street in Gresham.
  • CouncilCemetery is southwest of the intersection of Road G and Road 11
  • Ebenezer (Waco) From Interstate 80 Waco exit, go north 1/2 mile; take Road 10 east 2 miles, go north 2 miles on Road U. Cemetery is north and east of the intersection of Road 12 and Road U.
  • Faith Evangelical Bible (E.M.B.) (Henderson)  1 1/4 miles south of Henderson on Road B, east side of the road.
  • Farmer’s Valley (Henderson) Take Road B south of Henderson to Road 3, go west one mile, 1/2 mile south on Road A, and west another mile into Hamilton County on Farmers Valley Road.  Road continues another half mile west and northwest. Cemetery is on south bank of West Blue River.
  • Gilmore Cemetery On Road 6, 1 1/4 miles west of Road S.
  • Greenwood Cemetery (McCool Junction) North side of Road 3, between Road J and Road K. From McCool Junction, go west on Road 4 to Road K, South one mile on Road K and west 1/2 mile on Road 3.
  • Greenwood (York) West end of 8th Street in York; from downtown York go west on 6th to Greenwood, north to 8th, and west to the cemetery entrance.  There are no cemetery entrances on 12th St.  See their web site for assistance in locating a grave.
  • Holoch (Bussard) Cemetery Southwest of intersection of Road P and Road M550 — best road to get to it is east from McCool Junction on Road 4 to Road O, north 1 1/2 miles to Road M550, east one mile.
  • Lincoln Creek From Highway 34, North on Road H 3 miles, east on Road 17 1/2 mile.
  • McCool Junction Cemetery 1/2 mile west of Highway 81 on Road 5
  • Mennonite Brethren (Henderson) From Interstate 80 Henderson exit, go south to Road 9, and 1 mile west. Cemetery is west of the intersection, in Hamilton County, on the south side of the road.
  • Mennonite (Buller) (Henderson) From Henderson, south 1 mile, east on Road 5 to dead end. Cemetery is in the center of the section.
  • Palo (Mt. Zion) (Thayer) One mile west of Highway 69 (Road V) on Road 20.
  • Plainfield (Bradshaw) 2 1/4 miles west of Bradshaw on Highway 34; cemetery is on south side of highway.
  • Pleasant Hill (Benedict) Go 3 miles west of Benedict on Road 22, north on Road J for 3/4 mile. Cemetery is on east side of Road J.
  • Pleasant Ridge (McCool Junction) On Road 3, east of Road N.  From McCool Junction, go two miles east on Road 4 to Road N, south one mile to Road 3 and 1/3rd mile east.
  • Rosemonde (Rose) (Thayer) On Road P, south of Road 18. Best route is go north on Road Q (Thayer Road) from Highway 34 two miles, west on Road 17 one mile, and north on Road P.
  • St. John’s (Waco) From Interstate 80 Waco exit, go north 1/2 mile; take Road 10 east 2 miles, go north 1/2 mile on Road U.
  • St. Joseph’s (York) Cemetery is at intersection of Nobes Road (Road 12) and Road N east of York; Nobes Road is paved.
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran 4 miles north of Highway 34 on Road N to Road 19; Cemetery northeast of intersection; church building was moved and is now Prayer Chapel at York College.
  • St. Peter’s Lutheran (Gresham) On Highway 69 at northwest corner of Gresham. Cemetery is west of the church.
  • United Methodist (Hays) (Lushton) Go west of Lushton on Road 3, south on Road F for 1 mile. Cemetery is on s.w. corner of Road 2 / Road F intersection.
  • Vernon (Pettis) 3 miles east of Highway 81 on Road 10 (S. 35th Street) Cemetery is on northeast corner of Road 10 and Road O.
  • Waco In Waco, go west on street immediately south of railroad tracks.
  • Zion Lutheran (Thayer) 1/2 mile west of Thayer (Road Q)  on Road 20, on the south side of the road.

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