From the Albion Weekly News, Dec. 11, 1919:

Midway at the Boone County Fair

Arrangements were made whereby all the directors and their wives, all the superintendents together with their wives or husbands as the case might be together with one of the ministers of Albion and his wife, were made a censoring committee and they were passed through the entire midway, and not a single person in this entire company was shocked beyond recovery.

The object of this committee being appointed and passed through the shows was to refute the reports that some few knockers were giving out that the midway was not being conducted decently, and that there were gambling devices and concessions of a very questionable character being permitted to operate on the grounds. The County Attorney, Mr. Flory had a commission to look after the gambling devices and after closing one or two passed all the rest as all right. We feel that all due precaution was used to avoid the very things that faulted and the report of the committee was “the things complained of and talked about do not exist.”

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