Health & Wellness Tools Online

Calorie and Nutrition Trackers


MyFitnessPal: Track calories, nutrition and exercise using this free tracker. Download the app for mobile or use it on your computer. 


10 Best Nutrition Apps, According to Registered Dieticians (Women’s Health)


Daily Food Calorie and Fat Log (Microsoft): If you don’t want to use an app, track nutrition using a spreadsheet.

Meal Planning Online

Eatwell101: An online meal planner that lets you search for recipes, add them to an online planner, and download your meal plan for free. (USDA): Healthy-eating recipes, tips, and tools for all ages and life stages.


Weekly Meal Planner (Microsoft): Plan your meals ahead using this quick template.


Meal Planner Menu Templates (Canva): These stylish options will help you plan ahead.

Free Online Fitness Videos

Fitness Blender: Start with the free YouTube video collection from Kelly and Daniel at Fitness Blender. Customize to any fitness level! There are free and low-cost programs available. 


Sit and Be Fit: Feel good and age well with these free workouts and fitness resources.


Yoga with Adrienne: Use her free yoga videos or try the low-cost calendar options.


SELF: Try the free workout videos, health and fitness resources from SELF. Beginner options!


20+ Best YouTube Workout Channels for Every Type of Fitness (Good Housekeeping)

Ergonomic Workstations & Digital Health

(Video) Ergonomics Expert Explains How to Set Up Your Desk: In this video, an ergonomic expert provides a demonstration of how to setup an ergonomic computer station, along with some stretches and exercises to prevent pain, strain, and injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Computer Workstations eTool: The U.S. Department of Labor provides an evaluation checklist to make sure computer stations are set up correctly.

How Technology Impacts Sleep Quality: The American Association of Sleep Technologists gives us the rundown of how to sleep well in the world of technology.        

(Infographic) How Electronics Affect Sleep and What to do About It: provides a great infographic on how tech can disrupt sleep and how you can take back your bedroom.               

Digital Eye Strain: The Vision Council describes how we can protect our eyes when using computers for long periods of time.

Ask a Doc: What is Texting Thumb? This interview in Cedars Sinai describes how smartphone use is impacting our tendons and what we can do to change our habits and save our tendons..

(Video) Could Tech Neck be the Cause of Your Headaches or Neck Pain? The Center for Diagnostic Imaging shows how cell phone use can strain muscles and do harm in the long term.

Health, Illness & Medical

NebraskAccess: Find librarian curated resources for health insurance marketplace, children’s health, mental health and Medicare. Includes access to Consumer Health Complete and MasterFILE Complete.

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