Library Policies

Use Privileges

  1. Within the Library, any individual may have free use of all references and collections.
  2. Patrons within the county limits of Butler County may obtain a library card for home use free of charge.
  3. Patrons who live outside of the county limits of Butler County, but own property within the county limits, will not be charged for a library card.
    *Proof of such ownership will be required.
    *No reimbursements will be given for previous charges.
  4. Use of the library may be denied temporarily. Such might be because of failure to return library materials, unpaid fines, destruction of library property, or any other objectionable conduct.
  5. Class schools may check out materials for $100.00 a year. These materials may be kept for a maximum of four weeks. The individual checking these out is responsible for their return and their condition upon return.
  6. Materials may be loaned to another library, that library paying the cost of postage.
  7. Service will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic or political status.

Checkout and Renewal

  1. All borrowers must have a library card in order to check out materials.
  2. Books, pamphlets, audio cassettes, video cassettes and DVD’s will be loaned for three weeks, unless there are special conditions.
  3. The overhead projector may be rented for a fee of $2.00 a day.
  4. Books may be renewed by phone.


  1. Fines for overdue material will be levied to defray the cost of sending notices and collecting material which is overdue.
  2. As a courtesy, a phone call may be made or a postcard sent to remind the borrower of his/her overdue item.
  3. No fine will exceed the cost of the item.
  4. A fine automatically stops when an item is reported lost. The borrower is obligated to pay the cost of replacing it within thirty days.
  5. Failure to return or replace overdue lost library items shall be subject to civil action at county court at the discretion of the board.
  6. Books, Pamphlets, Cassettes, Records.
    1. A five-day grace period after the date due will be allowed the borrower. During this time no fine will be assessed on the overdue item.
    2. Beginning on the sixth day after the item was due, a fine of 10 cents a day per item will be charged.
    3. Materials not returned within thirty days of the overdue date will be presumed lost and the borrower shall be obligated to pay the cost of replacing them.


  1. A patron may request reconsideration of materials he feels are inappropriate.
  2. Forms will be provided for these requests. A separate form will be filled out for each complaint.
  3. The library director will review the form and determine if action is necessary.
  4. The library director will report the patrons within one week of complaint of the action taken.
  5. The library director will report to the Board of Trustees on the complaint and action taken.