Farmers Market

Click the link below to download and print a copy of the vendor application.


John Rogers Memorial Library Farmers Market

The John Rogers Memorial Library will be hosting a Farmers Market this summer/fall. The goal of the market is to make fresh, locally grown food available to residents of Dodge and the surrounding area, to provide an opportunity to “know your farmer, know your food”, and to showcase the abundance of beautiful produce and products available locally.  We believe that food and fellowship build communities!

We would love to have you join us at the Market!  The market will take place on August 6 & 20, September 3 & 17, October 1 & 15 and from 10am-1pm.  The market will be held in the empty lot next to the John Rogers Memorial Library at 703 2nd Street, Dodge NE.

  There is no cost to participate, but we ask that you kindly consider making a weekly donation to the library from your sales to support our many free community programs that we provide. You are responsible for providing your own table, chairs and any other items needed, we are simply providing the space! 

In Order to participate in the John Rogers Memorial Library farmers market, vendors must produce the goods they are selling. If you GROW it (fruits, veggies, meat honey or eggs), CAN it (salsas, jams, and jellies), MAKE it (soaps, jewelry, decor and crafts, beverages, and other value-added products), or BAKE it (breads, pastries, or cakes), we welcome you to sell it with us! You are not required to attend each week. Come whenever it works for you! 

What can be sold without a permit?

A food that is not a time/temperature control for safety food such as:

· fresh whole, uncut fruits and vegetables 

· baked goods – rolls, breads, cookies, cupcakes, pies that do not have a dairy based filling, homemade granola products, etc. (a clearly visible placard is required at the sale location stating the food was prepared in a kitchen that is not inspected or licensed by a regulatory authority)

· traditional jams and jellies. (A clearly visible placard is required at the sale location stating the food was prepared in a kitchen that is not inspected or licensed by the regulatory authority).

· Eggs from local producers. An egg number must be obtained from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (at no charge). Eggs must be maintained at 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

· canned pop, and commercially packaged snack items, such as candy bars and chips

· fresh or dried herbs and seasonings

What cannot be sold at a farmers market without a permit?

· Home canned products such as meat, fruits, vegetables (green beans, Tomatoes), Pickles (all low acid canned foods)

· salsa

· raw (unpasteurized) milk and or cheese and yogurt made from unpasteurized milk

· meat, poultry, game meat

· cheese

· Cream Pies and other dairy based filling pies

· Butter type spreads (example: Apple butter), jams and jellies that have jalapeno or other added ingredients; vegetable jellies such as rhubarb Jelly made with pectin, not gelatin, can be sold without a permit.

· Any food that due to the interaction of pH and aW (water activity) will not control the growth of vegetable cells and spores of pathogenic microorganisms

What labeling is required?

All packaged foods must be properly labeled with the common name of the product, name an address of the producer, Packer or distributor, net contents, and a list of ingredients in descending order from predominance by weight. Meat processed at a USDA inspected plant must have the USDA identification number on the package.

It is your responsibility as the producer to set a fair and reasonable price.  Please clearly state your prices by either labeling the items or having a price sheet.  

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please call or stop at the John Rogers Memorial Library or visit their website at to get an application!