Library Board Meeting August 5, 2012

Library Board Meeting Notes from Friday, August 3rd, 2012
Members attending: Nancy Bischoff, Stephanie Haack, Susan Short,
Thelma Soucie, Angie Ridgeway, Tina Fike, patron

Last Board meeting notes were reviewed and Library Director needs to buy materials for the library. She will talk to City Clerk about the funds to do so.

Books, magazines, and newspapers that are older than 3 months and have been weeded from the library’s system will be sold online using the Facebook/ Webpage

Library Director reported Library trainings she attended provided by Economic Development and BTOP. It was approved for the director to attend the BTOP training on Aug 21-22 in Grand Island. Tysha Francis will be the substitute for those days.

There are training sessions the library can hold for the community that provides instruction on computers and several programs that are on the computers such as Microsoft Word, MS Exel, MS Powerpoint, Beginning Computers, Ebay, Facebook, and many others. The Director will look into scheduling some of the classes for the community. Class size ranges from 2 to 8 depending on the class. It is taught by a professor from Central Community college.

Bills were discussed. Will order magazines from Seniors this year and Clay County paper subscription was approved.

The Library is a Read Aloud Library again this year.

The DUC Library Program has donated several new Art Books to the Library. Andy Worhol, Sean Scully, An American Century of Photography,
Apples and Olives, and several others will be available in the next couple weeks.

The Library is in need of volunteers to help with programs and other little projects. We greatly appreciate all the time our volunteers have given to help!

The Triple F Days was discussed and the pancake feed responsibilities were finalized. Meet Aug 17th for setup, pancake feed Aug 18th 8am-10am

Next Meeting will be September 7, 2012 at 9 am in the library.

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