Patron Records

Patron Records

Privacy and Confidentiality of Library Records

Registration and circulation records of the Hastings Memorial Library are confidential. Information from these records will not be released except under the conditions outlined in this policy.  This confidentiality is protected by Section 84-712.05 of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska.

When visiting the library in personal possession of his/her library card, an individual may check out materials, pay fees, and receive a list of due dates for materials checked out. In the case of an expired library account or a lost or stolen library card, Picture ID is needed to access the library account.

If an individual wishes to access his/her account over the telephone, his/her account must be current and the individual will need to provide verification of identity such as: library card number, telephone number, or date of birth.

The library will release information to the parent or guardian of a minor cardholder (patrons ages 17 and younger) for the purpose of recovering overdue materials, settling accounts for lost, late or damaged material, and for other matters related to the recovery of material or charges incurred by minor children for which a parent or guardian may be considered liable. The parent or guardian must present the request in person at a library agency and must provide current identification.  Information will not be released to a parent or guardian whose name is not on the account or if his/her address is different than the child’s.

Proof of identification requirement for the above policies may be waived if library staff have personal knowledge of the patron’s identity.

When a Library staff member contacts a patron via telephone regarding overdue materials or materials requested by an individual, the staff member will not leave specific item information with a third party or on an answering machine. Specific item information will be shared only with the person requesting the material.

Library registration or circulation information may be released to law enforcement agencies or courts only upon presentation of properly executed process, order, or subpoena. All requests, except those from individuals seeking to examine their own records or those from parents or guardians seeking to examine their children’s records, will be referred to the Library Director who may defer any decision made to the Library Board of Trustees.