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Check It Out . . . Jan 2014

Written By: Deb Lawson - Dec• 19•13

Is it really time to set some New Year’s resolutions?  Eating less, exercising more, winning the lottery and starting a new hobby seem to be popular with many.  I’ve decided I only have three:  1) Read more; 2) Read more; 3) Read more!  So many books. . .so little time!  Guess I’ll have to put down the cross stitching and pick up one of the books on my list.   Not to mention the newspapers, magazines and my Bible.
I love to try new authors, so we have a large variety here in the Library.  Quite often someone will tell me about a book or an author they like, so I have the benefit of being able to get a first-hand opinion.  I have noticed that more and more authors are writing in series instead of stand-alone books.  I suppose the intent is to capitalize on readers that have gotten hooked on a particular character or family.  When the ending leaves you wondering what happens next, it’s probably a good indication that you’ll have to get the next book in the series to find out.  But, I don’t like to start a series unless I can finish it.  So, I usually wait until the series is complete before I read it.  Of course, that means it may be several years before I read a best-selling series.  In the meantime there’s always plenty to choose from.  So, whether you like a good mystery, biography or romance – series or stand-alone, we have something for everyone.  Start the new year out with a resolution to read.  Come in and . . . Check It Out!

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