Free Workshop to be hosted at the Library!

On Tuesday, October 23rd, and Thursday, November 8, Echo Pelster and Charlie Cappel will be teaching a free workshop on Social Security Planning at 5:30 each night. We’re delighted to host this workshop as it helps our community develop financial literacy skills that we all depend upon to keep our lives running smoothly. Topics to be covered:

  • Social Security and strategies for maximizing your benefits
  • The ideal time to apply for Social Security
  • Ways to minimize taxes on Social Security benefits

They will also cover 5 Keys to Retire Fearlessly.

You can get more information from Echo (308-325-3153 or or Charles (308-991-6308 or

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  1. I am very excited to be teaching in the Holdrege area again this year and very appreciative of the Library’s interest in sponsoring our location, Helping people with Money Management that offers community benefits is one of the most rewarding careers a person can have, and I am truly blessed. Thank you again!

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