Updated – Library Planning Committee – Completed Feasibility Study

The Library Board formed a committee to investigate options regarding a new library either utilizing the existing structure or through new construction. Proposals for feasibility studies have been obtained by the committee. The Library Board approved the recommendations from the Library Planning Committee on October 19th, purposing the Holdrege Area Public Library feasibility study completed by BVH Architecture. The Library Board will be presenting this study at the next city council meeting on November 16th in Holdrege, NE.

To view the UPDATED completed feasibility study, please find the button below to prompt the download of the PDF file. This is an extensive study and the file is large, please be patient as it downloads for you so you can take a look!

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  1. Please leave our park as it is. You are taking things that help clean our air and help keep us healthy as we walk and enjoy the beauty of the trees and open area to do this. Go back to we’re the library is know and figure it out. The daycare can go somewhere else . A daycare should be somewhere else and not in a quite place no matter how far it is from the library the traffic and all the commotion that goes with that is not for a library..who ever thought this out needs to try again.

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