Adult Program | Coffee Talk

*Registration Required*

Join us for an engaging and aromatic experience as we learn about the fascinating world of coffee. We have invited 4th Ave. Coffee to the library, a beloved local coffee shop renowned for its wonderful blends and delectable treats. This program is tailored for adults seeking to deepen their appreciation for the complexities of coffee brewing.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to interact with a knowledgeable barista and coffee aficionado from 4th Ave. Coffee, who will take us through an exploration of various aspects of coffee, including brewing techniques and flavor profiles. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee enthusiast or just beginning to explore the world of coffee, there will be something for everyone to discover and enjoy.

As part of the experience, attendees will have the chance to sample a selection of mini scones freshly baked by the talented bakers at 4th Ave. Coffee as well!

*Registration Required* by calling the library or using this form:

For more information, please contact Sierra Burrows at or 995-6556.

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