1000 Hours Outside | Informational Program

*Reservations Required*

Have you heard about the 1000 Hours Outside initiative? The 1000 Hours Outside Program aims to inspire families to embrace the great outdoors and attempt to match nature time with screen time.

At our event, you’ll learn about the importance of outdoor play and how tracking outdoor hours can benefit your family. We’ll have eight poster-sized hour trackers available as giveaways that are beautifully designed, along with smaller trackers for families to take home. These trackers serve as a visual reminder to prioritize nature time in our daily lives.

*Reservations Required* so that we know how many to plan seating and hour trackers for. Please call the library to register or fill out this form:

For more information, please contact Sierra Burrows at 308-995-6556 or sburrowshapl@gmail.com

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