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Community Room / Kitchenette Policy

Equipment available in the community room:  drop down screen, projector, and DVD player with audio system, plug in for laptop computer so it can be used with the audio/video equipment. rolling podium, designated entrance, availability to public restrooms, kitchenette facilities.

The community room has 48 chairs, six  8 foot rectangular tables, and six  6 foot round tables

Reservations to use the community room at the library will be on a first-come, first served basis.  Library sponsored programs and library affiliated organizations will be given priority.  Their use of the community room and all local non profit organizations are allowed to use the community room free of charge.  All non library affiliated users must complete an application form prior to use of the community room, applications will be approved by the librarians.  For profits and private parties will pay a $40 room rental fee and a $25 refundable deposit if no damage occurs.  Use of the community room includes the use of the kitchenette.

Here is a short list of guidelines for use of the room….a complete list is available at the library

  1. Application for reservations must be made during regular library hours at the circulation desk or by phone.  Applicants must read and sign the community room policy application.
  2. Reservations may be made no more than 12 months in advance.  24 hour advance notice of cancellation needed to refund the rental fee.
  3. Make  arrangements to pickup a community room key.
  4. Rental and deposit fees must be paid to the librarians prior to use of the community room.
  5. No tape, tacks or pins used on the walls.  Wipe all tables and chairs and return to the original room set up.  Failure to do so might result in loss of the deposit or loss of future use of the room.
  6. The community room has a kitchenette consisting of a microwave, full size refrigerator, coffee pot and sink.  Smoking and serving alcoholic beverages is not permitted.  Remove all garbage and place in outside receptacle.
  7. Restrooms are available in the hallway adjacent to the community room.
  8. Users of the community room are asked to enter and exit through the southeast door specifically for that room.
  9. The library is not responsible for accidents, injury, loss, theft, or any damage of individual property that may occur during use of the community room.
  10. When the meeting is concluded, the key shall be returned to the circulation desk during library hours or placed in the library book drop outside the front door.

Full policy information is available at the circulation desk at the library, please see a librarian.

Here are photos of our Community Room


img_3016 img_3017 img_3018 img_3019 img_2992 img_2993 img_2995 img_2996 img_2998 img_2999


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