Appropriate Library Behavior Policy

North Bend Public Library

Appropriate Library Behavior Policy

The patrons of the North Bend Public Library have the right to use the Library materials, services and space without being unduly disturbed or impeded by others.  Both the staff and patrons have the right to a secure and congenial environment.  The library Board of Trustees is committed to providing and atmosphere where people of all ages may come to read, browse, do research, or study.  The policy permits quiet conversation required to carry on library programs or business.  It is designed to preserve a reasonably quiet atmosphere where library patrons may use library services and materials without disturbance.


Unacceptable behavior includes any activity that disturbs others, interferes with library operations, damages the building, property or furnishings, as well as rudeness, profanity, or any other behavior generally considered inappropriate in a public place.  To ensure the comfort and safety of staff and patrons and maintain order in the library, the following actions are

Not Permitted in the library:

Entering the library without shirt, pants or shoes or otherwise unacceptable attire

Eating or drinking, except in meeting rooms

Using a cell phone or pager in the building

Bullying other people anywhere on library property

Loud conversations or laughter which are disruptive in nature

Running, skipping, cartwheels, skateboards, scooters, playing tag in the book shelves (unless during a designated library event)

Loitering on the premises, including sleeping

Bringing animals into the Library other than service animals or animals used in Library   programing

Soliciting or canvassing for petitions

Smoking is not permitted in the library building but it is permitted outside the library building

Procedures for staff enforcement:

The library director and the library board establish an Acceptable Behavior Policy standard which will work in conjunction with City policies.

Library director and staff meet and discuss all policies to make sure everyone understands them   and discuss any concerns about said policies

Disruptive patrons should be given a warning explaining how their actions are against our policy; and told they may be asked to leave if the action continues.

All librarians have the authority to ask patrons of any age to leave the premises.

If a child is asked to leave the library, it is up to the librarian on duty to decide if they want to  call the adult contact on file and advise them of the situation.  When a patron of any age is asked to leave the library, the library director should be notified and written documentation of the incident given to the director.

In the event that a person or persons are not following the rules and refuses to vacate the premises, law enforcement may be called to remove the offending person and library  privileges may be suspended for a month. If the offender is a minor child every attempt   will be made to call the parent/guardian on file before authorities are called.

If a young child, age 8 years of age or younger, is left unattended at the library, the librarian on duty will call the adult contact on file to come back to the building and pick up the child.  If the adult contact cannot be reached the librarian will keep trying until they answer the phone.

Policy will be reviewed by the library director and library board every two years.

Approved 9/13/2016

created 8/31/2016

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