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Updated PDF Embedder

Posted by on Friday, 25 May, 2018

Hello all,

My name is Amanda and I started as the new Technology Innovation Librarian back in January. I learned a lot of cool things since I started and am now working on updating WordPress more. On that note, I just added a new PDF Embedder plugin. This means that when you upload a PDF to your website, you now have the option to display the PDF on the full page section. Here’s how to do it:

1. Login to your dashboard and go to “Pages”
2. Open the page where you want to insert the pdf.
3. Click “Add Media” and upload the pdf
4. It should automatically embed on the page after you click “Publish”

I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend!

RSS feeds for your site

Posted by on Friday, 14 July, 2017

Hi, everyone, I’ve had a question about RSS feed options, so I thought that I’d pass along that information via this blog post.  Some of our themes automatically include “RSS feed” icons that let your visitors quickly view all of your posts or subscribe to your upcoming content.  If your theme doesn’t have that feature, you still have options for adding RSS to your site.  Just go to Appearance -> Widgets in your Dashboard and look for RSS Links (Jetpack).  You’ll want to be cautious here, since there’s another widget just called RSS that’s a little more complicated.  Once you click on RSS Links (Jetpack), you’ll be asked where you’d like to put the widget.

When one of your visitors clicks on the RSS link, he or she will have the opportunity to subscribe to your content.  So, instead of going to your site directly, new posts will appear directly in their browser.  If you’d like to see how it looks on the user side, please click this link to view the RSS feed for all of the sites on Nebraska Libraries on the Web.

As always, if you have any questions or requests for your site, please get in touch!

WordPress updated

Posted by on Tuesday, 9 February, 2016

Our network has been updated to WordPress 4.4.2.  Please let me know if you experience any strange or unexpected behavior on your site.

Jetpack disconnection

Posted by on Friday, 11 December, 2015

A few of our libraries have reported that their Jetpack plugin has been disconnected.  If you’re seeing the notification below when you log in to your site, you’ll need to click the Connect Jetpack button in order to reestablish that connection.  You will need a free account in order to do this—the credentials that you use to log in to your website won’t work.  If you’d prefer, please feel free to get in touch with me and I can reconnect Jetpack on your site.  Among other things, Jetpack keeps tracks of visits to your site and can send posts from your website directly to Facebook, Twitter, and more, so it’s a very handy add-on.  My apologies for the inconvenience!

Please Connect Jetpack



WordPress 4.3.1

Posted by on Tuesday, 22 September, 2015

Our WordPress installation has been upgraded to 4.3.1. You shouldn’t see any differences in using your sites, but please let me know if you run into any weird behavior or find that something isn’t functioning the way that it should. Thanks!

Using Screen Options

Posted by on Monday, 31 August, 2015

Screen OptionsIf you’re like me and prefer a distraction-free environment when you’re writing, you might want to get to know the Screen Options feature in WordPress.  The menu resides at the top right corner of your Dashboard and allows you to add or remove elements from your screen.  Don’t need to see WordPress news?  Remove it with a single click.  Can’t find something that’s ordinarily present?  Check Screen Options and see if the option has been unchecked.

In the image to the right, I’ve hidden the QuickDraft and WordPress News sections from my screen.  If I want to bring them back, I’ll simply click Screen Options to expand the menu and then check them again.  The options vary depending upon which section you’re viewing, so give it a try and see what you can find!

Are your post still going to Facebook and Twitter?

Posted by on Monday, 23 February, 2015

JetpackQuite a while back I installed Jetpack which allowed interested sites to have their posts automatically post to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter via the Publicize function. In the past week I’ve had two libraries report that this no longer seems to be working for them. In both cases, the connection between Jetpack and has been lost.

So, if this is a feature that you previously set up, please make sure that it’s still working. You can do this by checking to see if your most recent post was sent to your social media site(s). If not, log into your dashboard and select Jetpack from the menu. If you see a large green area at the top of the page telling you to “Connect to Get Started” this means your connection has been lost and needs to be reestablished.

The Setting Up Jetpack and Publicize videos will walk you through the steps needed to get you up and running again. You will need your account login information to get this to work. (There is no need to sign up for another account.)

If you also were using the Statistics and/or Subscription services from Jetpack, you may need to set those up again too.

WordPress 4.1

Posted by on Monday, 12 January, 2015

We’ve upgraded to WordPress 4.1. There’s just one thing that you’ll probably notice: the icons available when you click on an image that’s been inserted into a post or page. Here’s a short video that describes the change.

WordPress 4.0 Upgrade Complete & Print User Guide

Posted by on Wednesday, 19 November, 2014

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbWe successfully completed the upgrade to WordPress 4.0 early yesterday afternoon and from this end saw no problems. If you notice anything out of whack please let me know ASAP. However, there is one caveat as mentioned in yesterday’s e-mail to everyone:

There is a small chance that some themes will “reset” their sidebars. If any content disappears from your sidebars check the “Inactive Widgets” section of your Widgets page on the Dashboard. More often than not, missing content has been moved there. This shouldn’t happen but there is a small chance sidebar material will completely disappear and will need to be recreated. Unfortunately this is unpredictable at best so I can’t give anyone a more specific heads up than I’m doing here.

My next step is the training videos. Most of them are done, but not all. Today and tomorrow I’ll be uploading the ones that are complete to YouTube, posting each as their own blog post, and updating the list on the Online Training page. For any video that doesn’t yet have a new version, I’ll leave the old version up and mark it accordingly.

And, for those of you that prefer print materials to learn from or to have as a reference I’d like to point you to the WordPress 4.0 User Guide from interconnect/it. They have a free download version of their user manual and it is a great resource. (There are some minor differences based on the customizations we’ve made but you probably won’t notice them all that much.) Just head on over to their site, click the big Get it Now button, then select the free version. I’ll also be linking to this on the Online Training page for future reference.

WordPress 4.0 Coming on Monday

Posted by on Wednesday, 12 November, 2014

WordPress logoJust wanted to post a heads-up for everyone. We will be upgrading to WordPress 4.0 on Monday, November 17, 2014. There won’t be a lot of differences but you’ll notice a few. Mostly I just want to make sure you’re keeping an eye out for any problems as results of the upgrade. We’re not expecting any, but I’ll be in the office all week just in case.