How to Sign Up

How to Get Started/ Eligibility

Any public library in the state of Nebraska is eligible for the program. Interested library directors can fill out the Contact Form to get started with a free website.

How Does the Library Commission Help?

The Nebraska Library Commission will update and maintain the website, including any security and server storage necessary to keep the website up and running smoothly.

Staff are available to help troubleshoot any problems you may have with updating the content on the website. We will also help you plan and initially set up the website. Check out the “Learn WordPress” section on this website to learn more.

What Do I Have to Do to Setup and Maintain the Website?

While the Library Commission handles the back end and troubleshooting for the site, you will be in change of all site content, images, and day to day updates. This will include things like adding new featured books, keeping links up to date, and making sure content is current and accurate.

What Should We Put on Our Library’s Website?

Here are some popular items many libraries put on their site:

  • Hours and Location
  • Contact Information
  • Online Catalog
  • Featured/ New Books
  • Library Services
  • Nebraska Resource Links
  • Policy Information
  • Events Calendar
  • Library Blog!
  • Local Community Resources
  • Consult Your Imagination

How Do I Learn How to Use WordPress?

Visit the Learn WordPress resources on this website. You can also sign up for an over-the-phone training session with Amanda Sweet, the Technology Innovation Librarian here at the Nebraska Library Commission. She can help you learn the common features of WordPress and brainstorm ideas of what you want to put on your website.

What Should I Do After the Site is Up?

We ask that you update at least the blog postings or featured content home page once a week. This will give people a reason to come into the library more frequently!

Get creative with your website!

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